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Meet BAHLON an ancient and wise high-vibration entity from the Causal Plane channeled by Master Trance Channel Kai Clay.

The messages and healing energy shared during their Private Readings and packed Group Events are always uplifting, often staggeringly accurate and predictive—filled with the divine healing energy of Universal love, hope and healing.

Bahlon supports individuals from all walks of life. Business leaders, moms, healers, celebrities and even Buddhist monks who regularly book sessions with Bahlon.

✨Get Ahead by Getting Out of Your Head™✨
Kai Clay


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Join Kai and his eight-year-old daughter Sera for fun and family-friendly channeled guidance and meditations from Bahlon™

Meditate with us weekly in Light Language. Let’s grow together!

Bahlon™ Master Trance Channel Kai Clay



Master Trance Channel for BAHLON, a high-vibration entity from the Causal Plane, Kai Clay is sought after by CEOs, celebrities, healers,  leaders, moms, and even Buddhist monks.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, his own inspiring journey started as of the youngest recipients of the prestigious National Scholastic Art Award that led to an exciting career as consultant for hundreds of global companies.

Choosing to embrace his spiritual abilities, Kai now runs his family-oriented programs helping people, and companies all over the world.

Their hugely popular TRUE FUTURE podcast and weekly Live Channeling Events help people lead better, happier, healthier lives.

He and his family have helped thousands to embrace their own innate power to fully live their potential.

Bahlon Trance Channeling:

Trance channel:

The term “trance channel” typically refers to a person who acts as a channel or conduit for spiritual or metaphysical entities or energies while in a trance state.
During a trance channeling session, the person may enter into a state of altered consciousness, which allows them to receive and convey messages, information, or wisdom from the entities they are channeling.

Bahlon Channeling:

Join Kai and his eight-year-old daughter Sera for fun and family-friendly channeled guidance and meditations from Bahlon.


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