What is Trance Channeling? Discover the Hidden Power of Trance Channeling

Trance Channeling

What is it that comes to mind when you hear about trance channeling? The names Bashar, Seth, Barbara Marciniak, Edgar Cayce, and others may come to mind for many of us. In other words, when most people think of channeling, they see trance channeling, in which a person lets a supposed entity (such as the spirits … Read more

How To Enter a Trance State: The Ultimate Guide

how to enter a trance state

Welcome to the Topic “How To Enter a Trance State: The Ultimate Guide” For thousands of years, people have developed various methods to induce psychedelic states of consciousness and gain access to the spirit realm for spiritual channeling. Our shamanic ancestors and the indigenous traditions of every continent attest that trance states are portals to … Read more

Top 5 Tips on How to Raise Your Spiritual Vibration

Own Vibration And Understand Yourself

Welcome to the Topic “how to raise your spiritual vibration” What you are is a constantly shifting sphere of energy. Your cells are continually in motion, creating and releasing spiritual healing energy as they do so. Therefore, you and everything else in the universe vibrate and release energy. Vibrational medicine, also known as “energy medicine,” … Read more

What Is Reiki Energy Healing in 2023

Reiki Energy Healing

Welcome to the Topic “What Is Reiki Energy Healing” The Meaning Of Reiki Reiki is a Japanese alternative medicine practice known as energy healing. “Reiki” is a Japanese term that translates as “Rei” (Universal Life Force) and “Ki” (Energy). They stand for ‘Universal Life Force Energy.’ What Exactly Is Reiki? Reiki is a delicate and … Read more

How to Manifest Abundance: 6 Steps to Prosperity

What is Abundance and Manifestation

Welcome to the Topic “how to manifest abundance?” Manifesting is the process of bringing something concrete into your life by cultivating the experience of what you want to feel and then living and believing in that experience to make it a reality. An abundance of plenty facilitates the manifestation of all your desires because it … Read more

7 Simple Ways to Have a Great Life  

Have a Great Life

Welcome to the Topic “Have a Great Life  ” Sometimes it feels like one of those dreams you will never realize—that you will never be able to have a great life. You intend to maintain your concentration on the things you want out of life, but unfortunately, life has a way of getting in the way. Oh, … Read more

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation – 5 Ways to Get What You Want

law of attraction and manifestation

Introduction: What is the law of attraction? The Law of Attraction outlines your ability to attract into your life whatever you concentrate on. Whatever you can think is achievable if you execute a plan to achieve it. According to the fundamental principle of the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. Whatever you invest your emotional … Read more

What Does Transcendental Meditation Mean – Explained by Expert

what does transcendental meditation mean

Transcendental meditation can be used to reduce negative thoughts. The deceased Mahesh Yogi derived from India’s Vedic traditions. This technique was introduced to the United States in the late 60s. The person practicing TM sits comfortably with closed eyelids and silently repeats the mantra. A mantra is any sound from ancient Vedic culture that helps … Read more