BAHLON SPEAKS Volume 1 Growth by Choice

“Every week, every private session has opened my approach. I’ve changed jobs, started a new marriage, and healed my heart so naturally and quickly. After half a lifetime of struggling just to find firm footing in this world, I am now standing tall because of Bahlon’s gentle wise guidance and surgically precise answers to my questions…and insights into why I do what I do. Thank you.” – Susan Jameson

Bahlon talks with thousands every year from all over the world in their packed group channeling sessions and private readings where people can ask questions directly and receive astonishingly accurate answers. These sessions are carefully edited and transcribed for Volume 1 with a focus on growth, and choice to inspire you to do the same.

Learn the truth about our reality

The inner workings of our reality are more than most of us have been led to believe. Bahlon explains these clearly and with gentle guidance with every book we publish. Learn about Light Language and your own True Future™, fulfill your most inspiring ideas, and find your own light in every corner of the world, reflected back to you with joy. Explore the entire series or choose one subject that resonates and begin!

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Spiritual Growth

BAHLON SPEAKS - Readers Review

“Astonishingly accurate answers to my questions…I’m blown away.” – Janice Green

“This is irrefutable evidence that Spirit is real.” – Ansonia Carlyle M.D.

“It was as if my life opened before me and Bahlon was the safe trusted Guide showing me where I have been, where I can choose to go.” – John Paul

“Can we experience eternity? Yes! Bahlon connected me to the energy of the entire universe, and I was able to “see” in a way that has transformed my sense of myself.” – C. Mandible

“This year give a gift that will change the lives of those you love. Give a connection with Bahlon and stand back to watch them grow so fast.” –  Gerald Thomas

Not sure where to start?

We suggest joining Light Circle, Bahlon’s most value-packed offering to date. Our yearly membership gives you all these books for FREE, and so much more to put your learning into action fast!

Kai Clay’s book about Light Language is not only mind-opening, it both radical and uplifting at the same time, offering an enormous new expansive perspective on what is possible during our own lifetimes

Unlock the key to stepping aside, getting out of your own way, and allowing success to flow into your relationships, finances, emotions, and entire life—without any struggle. 

Boundaries can come from within, as well as be imposed on life from the outside. In this powerful story, Bahlon explains why internal housekeeping is one of the most important benefits of a spiritually guided existence. Together, Bahlon and Chaleanda dive deep into your internal motion and finally process shame, negativity and self-criticism as you create a brighter future.