CHALEANDA Healing Through Forming Boundaries

“The easiest way to lose yourself is to forget how important clarity can be to all of our own growth. This book helps us define ourselves by showing us the power of our boundaries.” – Reader Review

Boundaries can come from within, as well as be imposed on life from the outside. In this powerful story, Bahlon explains why internal housekeeping is one of the most important benefits of a spiritually guided existence. Together, Bahlon and Chaleanda dive deep into your internal motion and finally process shame, negativity and self-criticism as you create a brighter future.

Learn the truth about our reality

The inner workings of our reality are more than most of us have been led to believe. Bahlon explains these clearly and with gentle guidance with every book we publish. Learn about Light Language and your own True Future™, fulfill your most inspiring ideas, and find your own light in every corner of the world, reflected back to you with joy. Explore the entire series or choose one subject that resonates and begin!

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Spiritual Growth

CHALEANDA - Readers Review

Written to address your own perceptions, this book is written in a way that can support you, regardless of where you are in your own journey to wholeness, integrity and self-fulfillment.

Boundaries, just like those we encounter on the road when driving our cars, are similar in their ability to both guide and protect each of us. But how do we define them for ourselves? Afterall, there aren’t instructions offering in most of the places where we learn…until now.

Bahlon and Chaleanda together describe for us how to assess ourselves, install our own personal internal GPS and then activate these using our spiritual abilities for full and vibrant personal growth. An experience without the usual barriers imposed by outsiders…but rather own.

“Grow, one barrier at a time.” –  Reader Review

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