Chaleanda Wisdom for the Ages

Chalenda™ Wisdom

Chaleanda™ Workshop – Lessons in Spiritual Wisdom & Healing

October 15, 2022 in New York and Virtual Livestream

There are many who are seeking teachings and wisdom from our collective human ancestors. We all have so many questions:

Who am I?

How did humanity become this way?

Do we have the wisdom to understand ourselves, and our future?

This often is determined by our own family origins, culture, beliefs and of course, our experiences as a person and observations about the world around us. However there is another way we can gain perspective that is both grounded in our experiences as human and also our own spiritual orientation. That is, we can reach a point where we “know” there is so much wisdom from our earlier human civilizations, our ancestors—some of which have been lost or forgotten over millennia.

Meet Chaleanda™ the exceptionally gentle and wise Guide and Healer from the ancient lands of the Incas, and the visitors of the stars that were lost to recorded human history. Chaleanda offers an opportunity to learn about these enormously valuable past experiences, and spiritual knowledge first-hand, in a modern context that is reassuring and easy-to-understand.

Imagine an experience that is both healing and enlightening at the same time. Then add the inner peace of knowing “All That Is” and “All That Will Be” — together with the clarity of Kai Clay’s unique ability to both connect to your own learning style and Chaleanda’s ancient wisdom. This powerful combination provides an opportunity to expand your spiritual knowledge, experiences and sense of self.

What more could you wish to experience, beyond this knowing and this inner peace?

Chaleanda is not religion, and is not a doctrine-based practice, but rather a collection of inner truths that will give you a deep sense of understanding by connecting with your own deep sense of yourself. 

Many have said it is “next level” and “transformative,” While this can be true for some, it is also a highly personal experience. One that begins with you and your healing first and foremost. Safe, effective, and grounded in your spiritual growth, Chaleanda™ immediately provides both perspective and calming at the same time—along with a great deal of fun.

Yes, that’s right…fun!

“Chaleanda is a Healer” is what we often hear from so many of our clients around the world. This is always so much appreciated because we do our best to offer education and a sense of personal knowledge that can be transformative and also comfortable.

“A session with Chaleanda is like coming home on a beautiful sunny day, making a cup of tea, and sitting by the fire in ideal comfort. And as you relax and unwind, the cares of your day fade into the background and my personal sense of myself comes forward. Gently, ever so gently…like a whisper or the best massage I can imagine, I feel better. or rather the way I should feel. Whole. Complete. Clear and…well, on the inside, where I am. Where I matter most. To myself” — J. Sorkin

Imagine an opportunity to heal and then thrive—while understanding your spiritual path. It is not unique and valuable but empowering.

Connect with us today to learn more. We can’t wait to bring Chaleanda’s wisdom and teachings to you!

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