Light Codes For Soul

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A Light codes is a medium to heal and self-love and care. Read more about gaining energy from light codes for souls.

Discover your holiness and beauty all over again with Light Codes for Soul. Discover your true self as you tune in to a series of high-vibrational energies channeled to help you connect with All That Is.

Light Codes For Soul

Soul/Light Codes For Soul

Here are some approaches for integrating the new Soul/Light Codes for soul and sustaining a high vibration.

  1. Pay attention to what you say and think. Use only present-tense verbs like “I am,” “I am doing,” “I am being,” “I am powerful,” and “I am choosing” to express your strength. Do not use the phrases I will, I will attempt, I want, I hope, or I am unable. It is important to remember that our thoughts are what lead to the actions that we do.
  2. Pay Attention More Than You Say. Listen intently and try to discern the underlying energy in words. Instead of just waiting for a chance to speak, pay attention rather. There are a lot of folks that talk only to chat. Your message is more powerful and memorable when you say more with fewer words. This is where your expertise can be heard.
  3. You can’t just sit there and listen to people complain and blame others. Emotions with a lower frequency exist. Clean things up since there is a reason these activities are stimulating for you, and you should find out what it is.
  4. Your following words or actions should reflect your current state of mind and sense of Integrity at any given time. Always act by your truth; this is how the Soul manifests itself.
  5. Make sure you know why you’re doing something before you do it. The intention is important, and a more pure one is more potent than a less pure one. Keep your goals and motives aligned with the greater good. Coming from the bottomless well of your heart, only everlasting love can be found.
  6. It’s essential to surround yourself with like-minded individuals, supportive and encouraging, rather than those who drain your energy or are critical or judgmental. This energy will lower your vibration if you are not already at that frequency. Limiting your exposure to this kind of energy is a must.
  7. Be more forgiving of yourself. For the time being, this phrase from my teacher will have to suffice anytime I find myself in a “judging” frame of mind. ‘In the light, there is no criticism, just acceptance.’
  8. You must take the reins of your destiny. Recognizing that even if you don’t want to be a creator, you are. When you take ownership of your actions, you assert your ability to effect change.
  9. Regardless matter how difficult it may appear, see the love in everything and everyone. In other words, there’s a silver lining to everything. Look about you and notice what’s happening in your environment; focus on sound and positive, and beam light into the dark places you come across.
  10. Be happy by doing activities that bring you joy. When you take the time to be grateful for everything in your life, you’ll have more to be thankful for. Keeping your vibration up involves engaging in things you like. Gratitude is the first step toward personal, spiritual, and self-improvement.
  11. The key to accepting everything is to change your perspective of view. Keep in mind that your point of view is limited to yourself. By refusing to embrace others, we inadvertently fuel our fears of rejection. It’s time to stop categorizing things. Keeping oneself divided (into “them” and “us”) is a trap that traps you in out-of-date conceptions of who you are. Everything is interrelated, including you, since you are an endless being with unlimited potential.

Treat everyone and everything with utmost caution. Your inner GPS is telling you what to do, so listen to it. To facilitate change, you must pay attention to your feelings and be present in the moment.

These methods of light codes for soul will help you become more alert. Your life will begin to reflect the love that you are as your awareness and vibration rise.

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