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Nowadays everyone is familiar with meditation, since the last decade, the term has gained mass popularity among people of all lifestyles. Meditation is a skill that lets you have deep and long-term benefits of mindfulness, health, agility, boost, and liveliness in your life in the true sense. Interestingly, modern-day gurus call meditation a state of mindfulness, yet Bahlon often replaces it with empty-mindedness because its state of a beginning moment doesn’t reflect clarity of things, however slowly and gradually things become clear when you do it regularly. The meditation aims to reach the cause of your tension, minimize your discordances, and make you compassionate about yourselves when you connect with your higher self.

Overview of Light Language Meditation

Similarly, let’s talk about meditation & light language healing. It’s a form of meditation that involves the perspective of channeling the divine entity to encourage self-healing, consciousness, enlightenment, and prevention of energy blockages and distortions by using different sounds, tones, and codes transmitted from the other plane of existence. As Light Language is an inhibited expression of your holographic intelligence and power that flows through you into this world, so it’s difficult for an ordinary mind to understand because it sounds a bit like gibberish child-like talk, or just a made-up language. Bahlon calls it Your Language because you can only understand this language through your subtle dimensions of existence when you simply “do understand”.

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You’ll be amazed to know that I’ve never learned to speak Light Language myself, the vibrations that I received from Bahlon taught me the language. However, my young daughter Sera can speak, read, write, and text without any hindrance due to many light meditation encounters with Bahlon.

Bahlon’s Definition of Healing Language

Bahlon explains Light Language as a revelation of a direct solid-state connection that connects you with the universal source. Light Language speaks to the soul, DNA, and body consciousness that exists at your vibrational levels typically not understandable by your consciousness level. 

You can feel the vibration and knowledge of Light language because it keeps the highest vibration energy in the universe that’s wise, uplifting, reassuring, and energetically healing in its nature, so Bahlon calls it the language of angels.

Until now, Light Language has not been understood to an extent that can represent it in a form other than words or symbols. Nevertheless, Light language is a mythological arrangement of light codes that intends to connect with the spiritual fragment of your being to prevail in healing. To penetrate and connect with your energy and DNA, a high vibrational frequency forms the light language healing codes. However, it’s difficult to understand and relate their basis with Light Language, to understand mapping of the codes fundamental theory of Light Language can be referred to.

Your existence on Earth is likely just one of your many incarnations. In previous lives, you were likely living on a different plane of existence. To accompany and guide you along your journey to Divine Truth, everyone has a guardian spirit as a part of your Higher Self to guide and protect you. A guardian spirit can be either a deceased family member, a mate from your past life, or any individual from other worlds, dimensions, and realities. Each world has different beings with slightly different variations in Light Language dialects. Exercises and therapy with the language of light use regression therapy to identify the plane of existence in your past life. Regression therapy is something that focuses on past events. This is a little bit different from past life regression therapy, which focuses specifically on past lives.

Activation of Light Language

Light Language comes in different forms, you can speak, sign, text, or write it. Unlike other languages, Light Language can also come in such a way that if you’re able to express yourself in the language, all you simply need is to keep it in your mind. Light language activation takes place in different ways, it all depends on your interest and involvement in a particular mode of expression.

For instance, if you have more affinity with visual Light Language or symbols, then your ability can be triggered when you see certain symbols created by others. If you listen to someone speaking Light Language, it can also activate your language. I witnessed many times that after attending Bahlon’s Light Language session, a client who was never familiar with Light Language could suddenly talk back even without activating light language.

How to Meditate with Light Language?

When you reach the Light Language meditation segments, I’d recommend you to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and experience the comfort you have at this moment. Now let the gradual vibrations come into you, and then you’ll be able to find a feeling in the sound. After going through all these, ask yourself:

  1. How did the Light Language meditation make you feel?
  2. Was there anything you experienced during the Light Language meditation?

The more you practice these Light Language meditations, the more you’ll receive healing through light language.

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