The Journey Inward: Steps to Meet Your Higher Self and Unlock Your True Self

Meet Your Higher Self
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You are your most channeling higher self. You are adrift in the ether. Your higher self is your genuine self, your complete soul consciousness.

Then, you that reside on Earth are only a projection of the awareness of your higher self. Your higher self is the version of yourself unimpeded by the veil that descends upon us when we incarnate and causes us to forget where we originated.

The higher self is the guardian of your spiritual contract, the pre-incarnational blueprint for your life. Your instruction manual and life plan are in his or her scalding little hands. Do you wish to speak with him?

The Channeling Higher Self

Your channeling higher self is watching over you and leading you down the spiritual path you chose when you made your bargain (your life plan). Your higher self knows where and when you should be and who and when you should meet.

The Higher Self assembles all of your advisers, discusses the strategy and how they may aid you, and then prepares to send a portion of its consciousness to Earth.

Your Higher Self works with the guides of your future parents to ensure that they are in the correct location at the perfect time, doing the baby dance at the correct time of the month.

However, you only have an ethereal link to your higher self after you are born, which you should perceive or discover as you progress through life. 

How Can One Meet With Their Higher Self?

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To begin, recognize that you are always connected to your channeling higher self; nonetheless, our goal is to reconnect with your Higher Self consciously.

If you are successful, you can access your life plan! Score! Individuals are initially encouraged to begin listening to their higher selves. At times, the Higher Self may sound like intuition.

It occasionally sounds like your mother asks you not to play indoor baseball. It might sound like the voice of reason, justice, or compassion.

Meet Your Higher Self

Try seeing your higher self if hearing it is not your thing. Our method involves imagining yourself in a garden with a gazebo or a stone bench and inviting your higher self to sit. When you first accomplish this, it will feel like everything is a mirage.

When your replies to questions start sounding more intelligent or sophisticated than usual, you are conversing with HS. If you get insight into your current state and the advice seems sensible, you probably have HS.

Continue conversing with this manifestation of your higher self until it feels like you’re conversing with someone else, and the replies do not appear to originate from your thoughts.

Another technique to connect with your higher self is journaling. Enter a question into a journaling application or Microsoft Word document, then listen to the response and type it. Then, conduct a second investigation.

Continue your trip. You may first be speaking to your ego. However, you will quickly see a difference in the reactions you receive if you dig deeper. They will not appear to originate from you. You shouldn’t filter them; type exactly what you hear.

Play meditative music in the background while performing this task to increase your energy.

If you can have lucid dreams, they are lovely for connecting with your higher self. Ask your higher self to manifest and communicate with you the next time you have a lucid dream.

Your Ultimate Guide

Your higher self is your most trusted counsel since it knows you better than angels or spirit guides. Even if you cannot hear, see, or feel your Higher Self, we assure you that it is always present.

Where will the Higher Self go from here? Once you’ve established a connection with your higher self, you can discover why you’re here, where you should journey next, and with whom. Utilize this information. It is not a kind of deceit.

Schedule a weekly meeting with your higher self to discover the lessons it wishes to impart. It will be beneficial.

Since channeling with your higher self, you’ve developed enhanced psychic abilities, attained a higher level of consciousness, and begun singing and dancing for no apparent reason while wandering the grocery store with a silly grin.

Imagine your life after you’ve reconciled with your higher self.

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