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You might have gone through my book “Stepping Aside” which is a holistic narration of my spiritual journey and experiences. If you haven’t, then let me tell you here, I channel Bahlon who’s an ancient high vibration entity or energy that shares messages and healing energy through me when I meditate. You may call Bahlon my guardian angel, spiritual healer, spiritual guide, or any other terms that may be appropriate for a higher entity that spiritually exists.a

How Bahlon Heals You?

As mentioned earlier Bahlon is my guardian angel as well as spiritual healer, let me be open about their spiritual healing guidance. First, you should be mindful of what is spiritual or energy healing. It’s a process to transfer healing energy where the healer receives healing energy from Divine energy after channeling and then passes it to a person who needs a heal. The basic objective of such healing is to promote self-healing without causing any surgical procedure to the recipient.

In other words, energy healing is a natural painless procedure that completely concentrates to restore all levels heal receiver into a condition of stability and relief.

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You may term it, remote spiritual healing as the healing process takes place in a distant manner that appears magical all the way. Bahlon explains spiritual healing as “And that very act itself is so radical, so powerful, that mountains move”. Apart from promoting self-healing, the treatment also improves the immune system, releases body tensions, and provides relief to the body against suffering.

Spiritual Healing Methods

There are many types of spiritual healing modalities based on different tools and strategies. Here’s a quick overview of a couple of well-known spiritual healing methods you might have heard:

Acupuncture – This modality stimulates the energy flow in the body by using small needles.

Reflexology – Reflexology stimulates feet, hands, and ears pressure points to release the energy blockages that eventually start the healing process.

Massage – It’s also a modality that discharges muscle stress, improves the flow of lymphocytes in the blood, and prevails a sensation of relaxation.

Light Language – It’s a modality that works without human touch to release energy blocks, activate DNA and pineal gland, and have higher dimensional access and anchoring.

Chakra Healing – It refers to the seven most important chakras among hundreds of chakras that control your emotional, physical, and mental stability.

Aromatherapy – This therapy uses scents to activate different chakras within your body that eventually affect your spiritual healing and cleansing.

Aura Healing – This healing works when your aura absorbs the healing energy of the healer through meditation and visualization.

Ayurveda – It’s one of the holistic and oldest medical systems works on Ayurvedic medicine along with dietary principles that bring harmony to body, mind, and spirit.

Breathwork – This modality concentrate on your breathing that ultimately leads your mind to fix your problems.

Reiki – This practice involves universal life energy to activate your mind, body, and spirit collectively to improve your natural healing mechanisms.

You might find some healing practices interesting that you will try yourself. However, I (Master Kai Clay) run Spiritual Mind Center here in New York with my young daughter Sera. I trance channel Bahlon through meditation, and for that, I also conduct one on one spiritual healing sessions as well as free live channeling events every Saturday.

Moreover, I heal with the help of Light Language meditations, people enjoy such sessions, as it helps them to activate their higher perceptions, activate their DNA, access their higher dimensions, release tension and discordances from their body, mind, and spirit, and bring their energies and light into their body.

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