Stepping Aside 30 Days Beyond Meditation

$69 / month

Simplify the act of meditation and put the complex ideas of the ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ to one side as you finally connect with YOU. By finding this channel and opening it up in your own personal way, you’ll be able to find true calm.

Enjoy unlimited access to all Bahlon™ workshops, bonus content, our community group and more! Unblock your limiting thoughts that are stopping you from manifesting your ultimate real life. Stop settling. Stop the confusion. Stop wondering. Start creating today!

Join With Bahlon!

Now is the time to look at your choices–are they moving you forward? When you join Light Circle now, get access to our most value-packed offering. Bahlon created this to help you discover and leapfrog your limits FAST. In just a few days you will shift to a higher vibration—and in just a few weeks you will be well on your way to your highest dreams!

Clear your mind and unblock your thoughts that are limiting your potential.

Move past suffering, trauma, regret, and fear.

Increase finances, manifest more love and your ideal reality—work, relationships, and happiness.

Increase your vibration, attract all you want almost by magic, and create the life you deserve.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Bahlon’s influence and energy is well proven to change lifes—not just with channeled information—but with real-world practical actions that move you forward. FAST!

Our prior experiences change us, and create layers that can sometimes block us, confuse us and stop us from getting to our highest potential.  Bahlon gently shifts this, allowing us to reach our best selves, our own vibration and feel our intent.

Through this process, we “feel” ourselves clearly and not only do we find our path but we also feel better. More authentic. Whole. Spiritually confident and aware.  It doesn’t matter whether you are just beginning, have never tried anything like this or are a seasoned pro—Bahlon meets you where you are and ensures you can rocket your life forward faster than you can imagine!


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Not sure where to start?

We suggest joining Light Circle, and from there you can expand with Spirituality Starts With You, unblock with Understanding Boundaries then choose 30 Days to Manifestation and 30 Days Beyond Meditation to put your learning into action fast!

Light Circle – Full Access

Fully immerse yourself in Bahlon’s channeling community and experience an elevation in body and mind that’s impossible to put into words. Perfect when you want to set yourself free in a truly eternal way.

$99 / month | $999 / year

Tools for Choice Bundle

Enjoy 6 months of access and 3 exclusive workshops as you accelerate your success in a way that you simply have to experience to believe. Once you see what’s ahead of you, you’ll never revisit the past.

3 Course Bundle -$299

Boundaries + Bundle

This exclusive 2-course bundle is the only way to create clear, consistent and fair boundaries that realign you with your own internal truth. By exploring the energy that lies in your core, you’ll be able to find renewed focus faster than you can believe.

2 Course Bundle - $129

Spirituality Starts With You

Explore the hidden strength, energy and passion you have inside of you and finally reunite all of them with your true purpose. Once you do, you’ll feel the pieces of life’s great puzzle slot effortlessly into place like never before.

$69 / month

Chaleanda Healing Through Forming Boundaries

Boundaries can come from within, as well as be imposed on life from the outside. In this exclusive offering we’ll dive deep into your internal motion and finally process shame, negativity and self-criticism as you create a brighter future.

$69 / month

Stepping Aside 30 Days Beyond Meditation

Simplify the act of meditation and put the complex ideas of the ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ to one side as you finally connect with YOU. By finding this channel and opening it up in your own personal way, you’ll be able to find true calm.

$69 / month

30 Days Beyond Manifestation

Take practical steps to release your inner constraints and set yourself free to powerfully manifest in any and every area of life. Once you conquer the challenges, there’s no telling what you can achieve…

$69 / month

Develop Psychic Abilities

Connect with a higher, purer sense of vibration and you’ll see how to finally release your innate abilities. They’ve been lying dormant for a lifetime, so why wait a moment longer when it’s time to release them?

$69 / month

Live Support

Understand who you are and what it all means on a much deeper level with the guidance, help and support of a private live group channeling session. Perfect for Light Circle Members who are ready to become so much more.

$39 / month

True Future - Learn Light Language

Speak the true language of the light with Bahlon’s guidance and you’ll be able to step into the present in a new and uplifting way. An inspired choice for anyone who wants to follow the light and embrace the energy it can infuse your life with.

$69 / month

Develop Clairvoyance

Release your inner constraints and elevate the innate abilities that have been at rest inside of you for all these years. Once you do, you’ll find a place and a sense of peace that allows you to be more than ever before.

$69 / month

Develop Clairaudience

Understand what it means to walk into the light and your journey will begin to gather pace and purpose like never before. As you continue on your path of development, you’ll see the doors that open are only the beginning…

$69 / month