Stepping Aside Meditation Course

Stepping Aside

Learn how to rapidly reach inner peace by Stepping Aside™ the advanced meditation practice for spiritual growth and harmony taught by Bahlon and Kai Clay, in one of the most popular Courses currently offered.

You’re invited to join Bahlon and Kai on Saturdays immediately following their packed group event for a group Course on Stepping Aside, taught in an open and accepting forum where participants share their own experiences in spiritual growth and personal development, while learning how natural and easy it is to embrace your full potential.

Each weekend in the Stepping Aside Course, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the steps involved in Stepping Aside, what this means for you and how it can become a part of your daily routine. Move from worry and fear created by overthinking.

Here’s what you’ll experience:

Advanced meditation techniques

Rapidly reach a state of inner calm and knowing

Incorporate this practice into your daily life

Follow your own guidance instead of others’

Enjoy community and sharing your growth with others

Each of us has the ability to shift our perspective and awareness away from fear and longing by Stepping Aside. This practice has been part of your own potential from the day you were born, and Bahlon will give you the simple and natural techniques to return your own “inner bliss” the state of knowing that is a natural part of the human experience.

The Stepping Aside Course is interactive, based upon sharing your own truths and personal journey towards spiritual development and growth. It is an open environment that encompasses all belief systems, approaches and is inclusive, so you will find a warm and open welcome from all participants.

Stepping Aside Course is based upon Kai Clay’s #1 Book also entitles Stepping Aside, which references his own journey of learning and growth as a sought-after channel for celebrities, world leaders and many Buddhist monks, who regularly attend sessions and workshops with Bahlon.

So join us this Saturday to experience Bahlon’s livestream channeling session and Stepping Aside Course. We can’t wait to hear about your own journey!

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