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What Is Channeling?

The practice of channeling has been associated with mankind since the dawn of history, even though many individuals have experienced it in their life or not. I channel Bahlon when I meditate. Ever since channeling is part of my daily life, I love and enjoy channeling Spirits, because it brings clarity and light into my energy. The energy I channel is called Bahlon, you may take them as a causal plane entity with the highest vibration who shares messages and healing energy. I regard Bahlon as one of my guides and they communicate with their clients around the world who they want to speak to in their channeling sessions.

What Is Mediumship?

Whereas, the mediumship is a practice that helps you to connect with the energies surrounding your inner realm about the matters related to your past, present, and future. Some mediumship practitioners can communicate with spirits and entities from other dimensions of existence, and some can communicate with deceased people. The practice of mediumship mainly concentrates on receiving and interpreting communication messages from other planes of existence, the Mediumship reading often brings you messages of your deceased loved ones as well as spirit guides who want to help you with your spiritual journey. Mostly Channeling Guides are bestowed with a divine gift to connect with their higher spirits.

Psycis Reading
Psycis Reading

Are Channeling And Mediumship Both The Same?

From an ordinary person’s standpoint, you can say ‘Yes’ however they’re different from inside things taking place. As said earlier, channeled counseling involves contacting spirits and entities from other planes of existence. The psychics with channeling ability can intentionally exhibit a trance or semi-trance state when they channel a spirit, whereas mediumship is a practice of contacting spirits of dead loved ones, spirit guides, angels, or spirits of nature.

Similar to mediumship, different guides can be contacted through channeling. Some psychics can see spirits by using clairvoyance and they can hear messages with the help of clairaudience.

Mediumship usually reveals a specific message from deceased loved ones, they only want to express their love towards you, or may want to advise, guide or a notion of wisdom to you on certain matters and these messages may appear to you like a dream. A channeling medium usually contacts those spirits and ghosts who once lived in the form of a human, because messages delivered by such entities are in the verbal form that can be understood easily if they wish to reveal the meaning of the message. However, channeling communication is often in non-verbal format, because divinities, angels, and spirits don’t use words to communicate their message like us.

Who’s Channeling and Mediumship Practitioners?

Channeling & Spirit Guides are the same as normal human beings, so anyone who wishes to devote life to serving humankind can be a channeling and mediumship practitioner. However, it’s not as easy as it looks because it takes years of practice to become a good practitioner but it’s not true in the case of inborn abilities as they can easily connect with the spiritual world. Most psychics debate to compare mediumship and channeling relationships to conclude against any of the practices, they’re more inclined to develop their naturally gifted abilities to communicate spirits.

I have mentioned in my book ‘Stepping Aside’ (a guide to channeling) that spiritual development is about trusting and listening to yourselves. If you’re beginning your own journey, first you should tune into yourselves before going into thoughts, and belief systems, and look within things around you. It’s about adjusting your mind for your life, it’s about using your spirit and energy for your life in the first place. In my experience, this is what happens when you try channeling meditation for the first time. Everyone expects to experience peacefulness and quietness sometimes it is but it’s not the case whenever you do. You might have not realized about channeling when you were meditating.

Hope this video will explain what channeling is all about:

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