How to Reach Your Goals Faster?

Episode 25

Outer Space & Interdimensional Reality

Bahlon™ talks about outer space and interdimensional reality. So strap on your seat belts for a fun and lively discussion in Light Language with Kai’s 8-year-old daughter Sera. Tune in to experience first-hand the uplifting, wise, reassuring, and healing power of Divine guidance from Bahlon and the power of Light Language to raise your own vibration. Guaranteed to have a lot of fun too!

“The energy field of different experiences are perceived as invisible, and there are often other aspects of energy to your reality. Your perception is based on your own abilities”


3 Key Highlights

1. Light Language is an ancient language from the Cosmos. The language of light is from a direct solid-state connection with Universal Source that speaks to the soul at vibration levels that are not typically understood by the mind. It is the language of the Universe.

2. Everything comes down to making a choice. How you react to what it is that is coming to you. The choice comes from the place that you are.

3. Inter-dimensional reality is present wherever you are, regardless of your perception.

“Follow your perception and bring your truth to the surface. This is the fastest way to reach your potential.”