Channeling & Spirit Guides

Episode 27

Your Spiritual Abilities are Like a Bird in Flight

Bahlon compares our spiritual abilities to how birds fly. Both powerfully move what our five physical senses assume is invisible. Air and Spirit. Tune in to experience first-hand the uplifting, wise, reassuring, and healing power of teachings from Bahlon and a special meditation in Light Language to raise your own vibration. Guaranteed to have a lot of fun with Kai’s 8-year-old daughter too!

“There are many ways in your realm to take flight. Your spiritual abilities are like wings of a bird, working with the air, moving something that seems invisible but is clearly full of substance—just like spirit.”


3 Key Highlights

1. Light Language is an ancient language from the Cosmos. The language of light is from a direct solid-state connection with Universal Source that speaks to the soul at vibration levels that are not typically understood by the mind. It is the language of the Universe.

2. Everything comes down to making a choice. How you react to what it is that is coming to you. The choice comes from the place that you are.

3. Light and color changes your perception of the physical dimension

“Do you want to hop on the ground, or soar in flight? Then open your wings to your own spiritual perceptions.”


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