How to Reach Your Goals Faster?

Episode 28

The Power and Purpose of Our Dreams

Bahlon teaches us about our dreams. The power and the purpose they represent for all of us. Tune in to experience first-hand the uplifting, wise, reassuring,

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“If your dreams are highly active, it is often because you are thinking so much that its the only time when your Spirit Guides can reach you.”


3 Key Highlights:

1. Light Language is an ancient language from the Cosmos. The language of light is from a direct solid-state connection with Universal Source that speaks to the soul at vibration levels that are not typically understood by the mind. It is the language of the Universe.

2. Everything comes down to making a choice. How you react to what it is that is coming to you. The choice comes from the place that you are.

3. Dreams are an easy way for your Spirit Guides to send messages. Especially if you are overthinking or extremely busy in your physical biological experiences.

“Pay attention to your 5 Spiritual Senses to allow your Spirit Guides to reach you when you are awake.”