How to Reach Your Goals Faster?

Episode 3

The Origins and Power of Love

Welcome to another episode of True Future™ Podcast. We are happy to see you here again!

Love is one of the most powerful things on earth. We all know that. This week, Bahlon™ shares his wisdom by explaining the origins of love and how it was made and nourished since the creation of humankind.

Bahlon and Sera also reflect on the mystery of parenting and how the sacred energy of parenting love energizes our inner circle. The love between parents and children is part of our DNA and it is so deep within us that it is responsible for our driving force way beyond our comprehension. Our energy and engine.

Love is not simple to understand. It has no shape. Nevertheless, Bahlon and Sera will enlighten your awareness on how Love has the focused power of a laser from the cosmos used for creation as it could be manifested as an ultra-dynamic ancient broad spectrum that spreads around our true self. Without love, the act of creation almost does not exist. So from our family to yours – We wish you and your family all the love in the universe!

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