How to Reach Your Goals Faster?

Episode 5

Meditation to See Your Future

This week, Bahlon™ shares their wisdom about an important part of meditation—your ability to experience your future. It’s a fascinating discussion about the very nature of time itself—all from the fun wise perspective of Kai Clay’s eight-year-old daughter Sera. So if you’ve got kids, who are starting to ask the big questions, this episode is worth a listen!

Past, present and future exist simultaneously and BAHLON encourages a gentle shift in perspective. All from a open place to consider you that you may know more, and experience more than your five senses let on.

Our sincerest gratitude for your support, and for returning to listen each week! From our family to yours—we wish you and your family all the future in the universe!

“All exists simultaneously. What you call past is here with your now. What you call future is there too. Your choices affect how you experience these.”

— B A H L O N

3 Key Highlights

1. Light language is a language from the cosmos. The language of light is from a direct solid-state connection with the universal source that speaks to the soul at vibrational levels that are not typically understood by the mind. It is the language of the universe.

2. Everything comes down to choice. How you react to what it is that is coming to you. The choice comes from the place that you are.

3. Mediatation envisions your future Bahlon encourages a practice that connects the past – present – future in a manner that fees us from contructs. This leads to embracing pure creation and act accordingly.


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