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Have you ever wondered what the future holds?

We all consider this from time to time, so you’re not alone in this! No matter where you are in your approach to life, or even a more spiritual journey as some prefer, the future is simply something we all wish to form for ourselves.

But how do we understand it? And more importantly, can we envision a future that is optimal for not only our planet but for ourselves too?

For some, this may seem like an almost impossible dream. For others, especially those looking for personal growth and spiritual development, the future holds so much intrigue and also can seem a bit of a mystery sometimes.

This is why Bahlon and Kai Clay have created the True Future™ workshop to encourage the exciting and rewarding experience of envisioning and putting into action your specific plans to create a future that is true…for you. And you alone.

This workshop is for you if:

You are unsure of how to make choices that support your goals

You know what you want but are afraid to take action

You aren’t sure if others’ opinions about your life are correct

You want to see your dreams manifest into reality

You have been feeling stuck or blocked a little (or a lot)

Bahlon and Kai will explain the same techniques and processes they employ every day with others just like you that help people imagine and create a future that is true for themselves because it is based upon their own personal truth.

“When we make clear choices from our unique truth, our world expands in accordance to our unique ability to create and improve both our own lives, and those of others.” — Kai Clay

Sounds simple? That’s because it is! Here’s what a few of our participants have shared:

“My truth was buried after years of listening to my loving parents’ guidance that I should become a doctor. While I appreciate their opinion, in hindsight, my happiness comes from art, and this is what I am pursuing. It feels so great to be successful on my own!” — Janice M.

“When I started my first business, it was because I thought people wanted cars. Yes, they do, however, I wanted to spend my life helping others perform and share their ability to sing with the world. Now that I have learned to focus my own energy on my own truth (not what I think others want) my success and enjoyment have skyrocketed.” — Andrew F.

When we reach for our goals or make decisions that have an impact on the world doing so from a clear perspective on our own sense of ourselves that is not encumbered by others’ expectations is a powerful way to see results fast. Not only do we then bring ourselves into a position of strength and empowerment, but we get the unique experience of helping others do the same.

To learn more, sign up for our newsletter or listen to the True Future podcast, where Bahlon and Kai share their tips every week. It’s truly a win-win!

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