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Join Kai and his eight-year-old daughter Sera for fun and family-friendly channeled guidance and meditations from Bahlon. With a weekly Light Language meditation, the impossible always becomes possible.

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  • After Trying these Meetings with so many other so called Gurus

    Lorenzo Al
    I have tried these readings with many other so called Gurus and it never worked out for me so no wonder I was little hesitant in the beginning before my sessions with Spiritual Mind Center. But look at me now, I book weekly sessions with them and very happy with the results so far.
  • Seek inner energy and guidance from Gurus

    As a spiritual healer and practitioner, I constantly seek inner energy and guidance from Gurus. And both Kai and Bahlon are gurus of their field, there is no denying that. For the past few months Spiritual Mind Center has become my sole choice and I regularly book session with both of them and both have helped me so much in my journey of self-realization.
  • The spiritual awakening that you will get with Kai and Bahlon will simply amaze you

    Alice Johnson
    Believe me when I say it that the spiritual awakening that you will get with Kai and Bahlon will simply amaze you. I have had only four sessions with them and now I always look forward to my next session. Spiritual development, personal guidance and soul elevation, you will get it all at Spiritual Mind Center!
  • Brought me out of the miserable mental state.

    John Adams
    I was a broken man when I came to Spiritual Mind Center but both Kai and Bahlon have helped me tremendously and brought me out of that miserable mental state. Although I have attended only five sessions with them so far but I have become extremely light hearted than ever before. Spiritual Mind Center is indeed a remarkable platform!
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