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Meet Bahlon and see why LAWEEKLY calls them "The Psychic's Psychic"

Astonishingly Accurate Answers

Get the astonishingly accurate answers you need to manifest your ideal life, relationship, career and more!

Learn how you can be happy and satisfied once and for all—no matter what is going on in your life right now.

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In this Livestream Channeling Event, you’ll Discover...

  • The most important secret to success that no one else is teaching, because hardly anyone knows it…yet!
  • The common mistakes almost everyone makes…how to stop them fast!
  • Why searching for more, is the main reason why you often get less.
  • How to stop searching in the first place!
  • Why all the things you think you want are probably in your way, and how to choose with your own power!


Twenty years ago Kai was invited to mediate one afternoon with a friend who was a gifted healer, and he had no idea that his entire life was about to change!

He was successful, happy and thriving, but he still didn’t understand why…or how all of this had happened in the first place. Like most of us, Kai just assumed it was due to his own hard work, focus and willingness to love—but that was only the “tip of the iceberg.”

There was something so much more powerful happening underneath it all that was so natural that Kai had never fully realized. But was about to be revealed…in an extraordinary way!

When he closed his eyes to meditate he felt a powerful unseen spiritual energy enveloping his own. It was the most amazing and most natural experience he had ever had. Kai says it felt “like going home.” It was his first conscious experience with Bahlon—the ancient and wise high-vibration entity from the Causal Plane who has been with him his entire life—and little did he know that this was only the beginning of an exciting new chapter! 

As he deepened his awareness a deep feeling of absolute joy, peace and contentment gave him the confidence to let go—releasing his own conscious awareness—so Bahlon could fully integrate with Kai’s own body.

This extraordinary experience showed Kai and all of those who were present, that what they have been searching for was right there too. Kai realized just about everything he thought he had done himself was actually the result of his connection with his own true vibration and his own spirit guides Bahlon. And that he could, in turn, show everyone else the same wonderful approach, so he decided devote himself to Bahlon. 

Kai started meditating daily with Bahlon, sharing their energy and truth with anyone who would too and he experienced something even more shocking. That how we were taught to be successful simply doesn’t work. And in fact, that we were actually taught, programmed and conditioned to be unsuccessful and seemingly blocked from our own ability to do anything we wish.

Based on what he experienced, Kai and his family are now 100 times happier, more successful and satisfied than before. His new mission is to share Bahlon with the world so they can teach people the real secrets to finding true success that lasts forever.


Life-altering Success Stories

Immerse yourself in the captivating stories of those who have found
their way with Bahlon's guidance and unlock the doors to a future brimming with unlimited potential.
  • After Trying these Meetings with so many other so called Gurus

    Lorenzo Al
    I have tried these readings with many other so called Gurus and it never worked out for me so no wonder I was little hesitant in the beginning before my sessions with Spiritual Mind Center. But look at me now, I book weekly sessions with them and very happy with the results so far.
  • Seek inner energy and guidance from Gurus

    As a spiritual healer and practitioner, I constantly seek inner energy and guidance from Gurus. And both Kai and Bahlon are gurus of their field, there is no denying that. For the past few months Spiritual Mind Center has become my sole choice and I regularly book session with both of them and both have helped me so much in my journey of self-realization.
  • The spiritual awakening that you will get with Kai and Bahlon will simply amaze you

    Alice Johnson
    Believe me when I say it that the spiritual awakening that you will get with Kai and Bahlon will simply amaze you. I have had only four sessions with them and now I always look forward to my next session. Spiritual development, personal guidance and soul elevation, you will get it all at Spiritual Mind Center!
  • Brought me out of the miserable mental state.

    John Adams
    I was a broken man when I came to Spiritual Mind Center but both Kai and Bahlon have helped me tremendously and brought me out of that miserable mental state. Although I have attended only five sessions with them so far but I have become extremely light hearted than ever before. Spiritual Mind Center is indeed a remarkable platform!

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