Automatic Writing Spirit: How to Channel Your Soul’s Wisdom?

Channel Your Soul’s Wisdom
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People who have experienced a profound transformation in their lives often find themselves drawn to the freedom of writing from the heart.

Due to its mysterious and enchanting nature, this practice is also low-key, self-examination-inducing, and therapeutic, all essential for any person interested in developing their spirituality.

The Soul’s search for its true Home may be significantly aided by such unique experiences of Divine revelations, which can provide the Soul with tremendous guidance, direction, and knowledge.

How to Tap Into Spirit Channeling through Soul’s Wisdom?

Automatic writing seems complicated initially, but it can be learned with a few simple steps. Getting into the flow necessary for spontaneous writing may be challenging without some training.

Like many others, you could also find that your first try at automatic writing is successful. This is when things become challenging.

This is because our minds lack confidence and excitement when we try anything new for the first time.

Schedule some time and a suitable location:

Automatic Writing Spirit
How to Channel Your Soul’s Wisdom

Set aside as much time as you think you’ll need to say what needs to be noted before commencing an automatic writing session.

The flow of information may be stifled in two ways: by imposing artificial time limits and by supposing that a task “should” take a particular amount of time.

Putting aside an hour in the afternoons or whenever you know you won’t be interrupted might be helpful.

Keep in mind that you are deserving of some quiet time to yourself. Fortifying and revitalizing your inner self is what automatic writing is all about. Respect this practice and consider yourself worthy of it.

Think of something you’d like an answer to and write it down:

The primary goal of writing on the spur of the moment is to get guidance from your Soul, especially if you have problems doing so in your daily life.

Start each session with a focused inquiry.

Pick a query weighing heavily on your mind or pulling at your heart. The more personal the inquiry, the more concise your response will be. The process of doing so is also known as intention setting.

If you want an answer, you must ask your Soul, spirit guide, or subconscious mind.

Try to keep your inquiries to a minimum.

To make answering your many queries more manageable, consider breaking them up into many sittings. Don’t try to answer more than one crucial question at once.

Put your mind at ease:

Put your mind at ease

Mastering mental stillness is essential to improving your ability to write on the spot. Writing on the spur of the moment is considerably less challenging when your mind is at ease and empty of ideas.

Get into a trance

How to Channel Your Soul’s Wisdom
How to Channel Your Soul’s Wisdom

As humans, we can quickly enter altered states of consciousness. The act of watching television puts most of us into a trance.

The conscious mind may unwind and enter a trance-like condition. Trance states are helpful for automatic writing because they encourage the free flow of ideas.

Several practices may help induce a meditative state, such as listening to music, practicing yogic or holotropic breathing, repeating a mantra, doing a routine task repeatedly, participating in a guided meditation, or hypnotizing oneself.

Pick what appeals to you most, and don’t hesitate to try new things. As for me, I find that combining the experience of being in nature with the practice of mindfulness or meditation is a winning combination.

Let information flow:

Whenever you’re ready, start writing. If the text seems confusing or the ideas appear to be going in circles, don’t worry; that’s quite normal.

It’s great if you have no idea what you’re scribbling down! It means you’re making contact with a force far more significant than your rational intellect.

At this point, it’s normal to start doubting your writing and analyzing it for flaws. It’s very natural to feel this way.

If your thoughts start to wander, try returning gently to the activity you were doing to get into a meditative state.

Apply some thought to the information:

Apply some thought to the information

It will be apparent to you when your automatic writing session is about to finish. Possible outcomes include feeling “drained” or a return to clear thought. Eventually, you’ll learn to recognize the sensation of this signal.

There may be instances when communication abruptly stops, and you know nothing new. It would help if you searched for clusters of meaning, such as sentences or keywords.

Even though the vast majority of the material makes no sense, you should pay attention to the occasional comprehensible sentence. Keeping a notebook might help you notice trends and even foreign words.

In addition to words, other forms of automatic writing include mantras, symbols, and even images. What comes through is often metaphorical or symbolic, so be ready to do some introspective thinking.

It’s possible to inquire about the content of past automatic writing sessions if you have doubts about what was produced.

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