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Self Connection

The process of connecting with one’s worth and wholeness, no matter what sort of experience one is having, is known as “self-connection,” which also means you are self-connected. These include, but are not limited to, emotions, thoughts, ideas, expectations, beliefs, and attitudes.

To experience the self, one must be grounded in the inherent value of one’s self and recognize the experience as distinct yet connected to one’s self. When we connect with our experiences and anchor ourselves in the self, the self emerges more fully. The self may then engage in the learning process by changing whatever experience is going place into a higher degree of development when it is connected to the self.

To enhance one’s experience, the self-connection practice includes a variety of insights, concepts, and talents that help people tap into their inner reservoirs of awareness, knowledge, choice, and trust.

Comparison between Self Connected and Self Esteem

Self-esteem or self-worth is not the same as self-connection. People’s current feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about themselves are “self-esteem” or “self-worth.” Meaning that one’s perception of oneself and the value one places on those perceptions are reflected in one’s self-esteem and sense of worth. Is my current understanding of self-worth high enough?

Self Connection

People may turn to food, drugs, or workaholism to feel better about their self-worth. They may also become exhausted parents and caregivers since they put their sense of self-worth on how others see them. I may develop destructive behaviours that harm me by focusing on having a positive self-image. Even if it isn’t, the basis of my worth is continuously moved onto something outside of me; something else to do. This seems like an endless list of things to accomplish for many of us. Self-connection is making choices that reflect and express your unique self rather than looking for yourself elsewhere.

Getting To Know One’s Self Is Broken Down Into Three Steps:

Self-recognition, Self-awareness, and Self-Actualization

The first step is to recognize your worth and value. You are worth something simply for being you. You are unique and have a lot of potential waiting to be unleashed. It may be challenging to break out of the familiar pattern of looking for worth in jobs and instead acknowledging yourself.

The second step is to become aware of what you’re going through. After being self-connected, you will have a firm base from which to seek. This experience can only occur when one is connected to oneself. Identifying the components of the unpleasant or blocked expertise associated with the self is at the heart of this process. So what does, for example, disclose about what you value most deeply in life? The answer to this question is a personal one. Without self-awareness or a sense of purpose, we act defensively to survive and respond.

Making choices that allow you to be authentic is the last and most crucial phase. “What decisions and behaviours do I need to make that are compatible with and express best who I am at the level of Self Connected?” you could ask after realizing the self and being aware of your experience. This stage may need us to take risks, be daring, and communicate our desires more than the others.

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