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What Are Types Of Mediumship

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What Is Channeling Mediumship?

When one can channel energy and manifest it in the physical world, they are considered a Medium.

A Medium is someone who, in addition to working with their spiritual team, has the ability, desire, and passion for connecting others with their Spirit Guides, Angels, and departed loved ones. They may do this one-on-one with clients or want to share their findings with a larger audience through forums like blogs or in-person seminars. A Medium’s services extend well beyond only facilitating communication with the hereafter for their clients. A Medium is someone who places themselves as a conduit between the spiritual and material realms. 

The four main types of Mediumship are as follows: most Mediums want to tap into the energy that is more compassionate and enlightened than they are;

  1. Spiritual Mediumship

Mediumship consists of receiving and relaying messages from the other side. Messages can be heard by clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience. Next, the Medium uses words to manifest the messages into the material world. Word of mouth or written communication aided by physical divination tools like oracle cards is a common means of message transmission.

  1. Physical Mediumship

There is a physical effect associated with this form. Things like levitating tables and generating noise, creating pictures in smoke billets, and conjuring up ectoplasm with the help of a passing ghost, are all instances. Co-creating a materialisation on Earth are the Medium and the Spirit. Physical Mediumship includes such phenomena as face and voice transformations and energy distribution.

What Are Types Of Mediumship
  1. Energy Mediumship

In this style of Mediumship, you use your body as a conduit for Spirit’s Divine Light Energy to heal yourself and others. As well as the practice of laying on hands in Pentecostalism, the term “energetic mediumship” can be used to describe the transfer of life force energy through the modalities of Reiki and Shamanism.

  1. Channeling Mediumship

Unlike Spiritual Mediumship, in which the Medium communicates with many different Spirits at once, Channeling Mediumship involves the Medium having recurring interactions with the same Spirit or the same group of Spirits. To convey their messages, channel mediums use their vocal and manual abilities. The transmission and reception of a channelled message in channelling Mediumship are very rapid. Many people who try channelling think they’re giving their body or voice over to the Spirit they’re trying to reach.

The Bottom Line

Channeling mediumship is gaining popularity due to its purported ability to confirm the existence of an afterlife, reveal whether or not loved ones who have passed are happy and watching over their loved ones, and satisfy the curiosity of those who are curious about the fate of their deceased loved ones. Mediums prey on the vulnerable, who are more likely to give in to the Medium’s convincing illusions of reality and reveal personal details. Mediumship will gain popularity because of its intangible nature, making it hard to disprove. Even if it’s an elaborate hoax with no scientific basis, people get a little thrill out of it, and mediums survive.

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