How to Know What Your Soul Wants and Why That’s Important

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Your Soul has comprehensive, age-old, aphorism-free knowledge; your mind’s desires do not limit it. Imagine your Soul to be a vast, ancient galaxy deep inside you.

On the other hand, your thoughts resemble a little red-faced angry man raising his fists at the clouds and demanding that it started raining right this second.

With reverence, we must seek out our essential Soul purpose. We should treat our Soul with the same quiet, stunned awe as a sacred building like a cathedral or temple.

An individual’s Soul might be considered the blazing center, the enlightened essence, the crystallized deep sea, or the divine spark inside.

Meaning of a Person’s Soul’s Destiny:

Channel Your Soul’s Wisdom

One’s “soul purpose” might be considered one’s ultimate aspiration. Purpose in life and “destiny” are often used interchangeably; both may be found in any individual’s life.

In the grand scheme of things, everything is essential. For instance, a tree serves us by producing oxygen and reducing air pollution, but its true “Soul purpose” is to keep our planet habitable.

No one else on Earth can fulfil your Soul’s purpose except you.

Characteristics to Nurture to realise One’s Destiny

To enter the gates described in the next part, we must nurture the following characteristics even after attaining deeper access to the Soul.

  • Integrity; give your full attention to telling the truth to yourself and others. Practicing gratitude may help you open your heart, a doorway to your Soul.
  • Learn to have faith in yourself and your discoveries.
  • Maintaining spiritual practice regularly may help you develop or strengthen these qualities.
  • Finding and living your true destiny

Recollect the Ghosts of Happiness Past

All of us have had encounters with the weird and wonderful that fill us with awe, surprise, love, enchantment, and inspiration.

Most individuals, however, disregard such experiences and go on with their daily lives, explaining them away as the consequence of their mind ‘seeing things’ or a quirk in their disposition.

One may have had a lovely moment of absolute joy because of anything as simple as nostalgic music, a butterfly fluttering in the air, or a raindrop falling down a window.

Stop letting that speck of joy evaporate into thin air. Pay attention! Consider the implications. Or, better still, put what it meant to you on paper.

Find Out About Your Core Bones

Personality is the bedrock of who you are; it’s the face you present to the world and the persona you operate from day to day.

Still, there’s a lot more to us than just our personalities. Think about yourself at ages 5, 15, and 25. Think about how far you’ve come as a person!

how to know what your soul wants

While we may develop and grow in many ways, there are certain fixed aspects of our personalities. Likewise, you’ll need to do some introspective Soul searching to learn your Soul’s true calling. There are three main layers of your being to explore, and they are as follows:

What we hold most dear, our “core values,” are the ideas that guide our daily actions and decisions.

Peace, Quiet, and Isolation in Nature

The ego, the mask that hides the Soul, is the source of all the chaos and confusion in our life. I’m not here to turn your ego into an adversary; it’s essential to your existence.

Checklists, preserving face, and on-time rent payments all help us achieve our goals. However, the ego often gets in the way of our true desires.

Discovering your Soul’s purpose requires you to step back from your ego. You should put some space between yourself and the pride of others as well.

As a result, being alone is the most accessible way to plunge into the depths of your Soul’s mystery.

If you’re lucky enough to take some time off and escape your routine, go somewhere natural. The roaring of wolves, the cooing of birds, and the rustling of tree branches are all great ways to escape the noise and chaos of city or suburban life.

Explore the Unknown

You may also use a break from your ordinary consciousness to discover your Soul’s goal. There are several ways to enter a trance-like condition, but not all will work for you.

Be careful, and don’t choose something you aren’t prepared to handle. Lighter than a jet engine, spiritual meditation, and guided imagery may help you reach the deepest realms of your being.

Recognise the Power of Your Creativity

Symbols, images, analogies, visions, and experiences are the primary means the Soul speaks to us; art provides a direct channel for accessing and making sense of this inner wisdom.

You don’t have to be very artistic to benefit from art as a self-exploration. A simple squiggle or stick figure might have great meaning and value.

Develop a daily practice of painting how you feel without overthinking it to reconnect with your Soul’s purpose via art. Just draw whatever comes to mind or suits your fancy.

Don’t rush forward; take a moment to absorb what’s in front of you. How do you feel looking at the picture? Let us know what you see when you look at the shapes and colors.

In addition, the painful, convoluted, and gloomy path to discovering your Soul’s goal is often a lesson in disguise!

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