How To Reclaim Your Spiritual Power – A Quick Guide

Recharge Your Spiritual Energy

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When you feel spiritually exhausted, consider an approach that is simple yet effective and does not involve any unique talents or equipment. One of the most efficient ways to restore your spiritual vitality is a “healing method” like this.

Step 1: Obtain some peace and tranquilly and refocus.

Find somewhere quiet and undisturbed as the first step. There shouldn’t be any disruptive housemates, relatives, or outside sounds. Especially if you are vulnerable, they may infect you with their often chaotic and sometimes harmful energy. This also has to be a place where you like spending time.

The next step is to relax in a natural position, whether sitting up straight in a chair or lying down on a flat surface. Next, free your mind of the mundane concerns, problems, and responsibilities that weigh it down. Next, rest your eyes shut and take five slow, deep breaths. Be careful to take in a whole bellyful of air with each breath, not just your chest.

Recharge Your Spiritual Energy
Steps To Recharge Your Spiritual Energy

Step 2: Pray to Boost Your Spirit

Take a few deep breaths as you bring your hands together in a prayerful position. Then, gently press your palms together, applying more pressure with your fingers. Put your hands together and raise them to rest on your forehead, just over your third eye. Then, put your clasped hands towards your heart chakra location. This approach will activate both chakras.

Step 3: Heating up

Once you’ve finished the second set of steps, rub one hand into the other to generate heat. Place your warm right hand on your heart and your hot left hand on your navel. In this manner, you will energise the sacral and heart chakras.

Step 4: Conceptualise

While resting with your eyes closed and hands together, imagine a stream of pure white light filling your body and restoring your spirit. Then, imagine the light starting at your feet and ascending to your scalp.

All of your chakras are being charged as this light repairs and strengthens your aura and any damaged cells in your physical body. Visualising a barrier of protection around your body is possible, formed from the beautiful light emanating from the inside.

Step 5: Maintain the flow of spiritual nourishment into your life.

Steps To Recharge Your Spiritual Energy
Steps To Recharge Your Spiritual Energy

Stay like this until you have enough energy and light to move about. You and your body will decide how long the session lasts based on how much you can take. Then, when you’re ready, open your eyes, take your hands away from your body, and shake them slowly and softly. The next step is to gently get up, shake all your limbs, and stretch so that your circulation begins to work and blood flows to all your body’s cells.

Step 6: Utilise Water

Following your stimulating exercise, replenish your body’s fluids by drinking a tall glass of water. When you’ve had a chance to refuel, you must avoid being dehydrated for the rest of the day. It’s also suggested that you go for a short walk.

Do it seven consecutive days in a row until you’re utterly exhausted for optimal results. Your hands have the power to infuse you instantly with spiritual vitality. In addition, it works quickly to restore and reconstruct damaged tissues. Always remember that you, like every other living thing, have an innate capacity to heal.

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