Best Way to Finding a Spiritual Mentor or Teacher

Keys To Finding a Spiritual Mentor or Teacher
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People need spiritual nurturing. This is the reason why we pray or meditate. Food nurtures our body, and this nurtures our soul. Through spirituality, we can find a sense of purpose, and finding a spiritual mentor provides us with a guided path to this awakening.

A spiritual partner must be someone you look up to in terms of spiritual growth. Finding a spiritual partner allows you to spend time with someone who shares the same goal.

You can work as a team to be accountable to each other to achieve spiritual growth. You can spend time together in prayer and meditation and share discoveries promoting your growth.

Spiritual teachers should always have humor

Reasons You Need a Spiritual Mentor & Ways to Find The Best One

A spiritual mentor would have more advanced spiritual growth than you do. One’s principles will shape your development for one to mature spiritually. Sometimes, at the first meeting, you can already sense the wisdom. Some followers are given trials before they are allowed to be taught directly by a master. This is considered a privilege for such disciplines.

You can discover a lot of spiritual mentors that meet your idea of spirituality because of their popularity. Some offer their service pro bono and is dedicated to helping others achieve spiritual maturity.

You can get services for special sessions, either one-on-one or in small groups, for a nominal fee. Some organizations operate through donations.

Make sure you learn about their teachings and consider if they match your idea of enlightenment.

You can learn about their teachings by referring to a book they have written or lived by. Some people go through numerous religions hoping to find themselves and their sense of purpose.

This journey is often necessary for you to achieve spiritual growth. Many good teachings from other religions can help you achieve spiritual growth.

Despite the difference in practice, some religions even share the same teachings. Experience and going through these many transitions can also be an excellent spiritual teacher.

“We often hear the importance of teachers from you. We offer that the clearest most effective will always be yourself. All we do is open the energy for you to access your own truth with zero incumberances.”

— B A H L O N

Spiritual teachers should never lack humor. Confucius is wise, but if you notice, some of his famous sayings would also incorporate humor. This makes it easier for those who follow his teaching to relate this to their everyday life.

This also sticks. Followers can remember a lot easier if the teachings are taught in terms they can understand. You would sometimes feel confused, but only to be enlightened in the future. Despite the humor, a spiritual teacher always speaks the truth.

Patience is a virtue. A mentor should be patient and give you the knowledge you need to know, even though it takes quite a while to discover what you need to know. It also helps to establish friendships.

This works for both spiritual partners and spiritual teachers. You would feel more at ease in the presence of a friend. With a spiritual partner is necessary for you to be as nurturing to your partner. This is necessary for him also to achieve growth, but even a teacher learns from his students.

Your intuition can trust you in finding the right spiritual mentor to aid you in spiritual development. Finding a spiritual partner would be best to find someone near the same level of spirituality. Being at the same level would aid you in maturing together rather than hindering one from their personal development.

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