Channeled Spiritual Counseling and Energetic Healing

Channeled Spiritual Counseling
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Connecting with love, receiving Divine unconditional love, and letting go of one’s ego are all required for a full recovery. The best source of information is your internal, eternally-living SoulSoul.

Through this healing process, you can recognize your true nature as a highly gifted individual. The answer is yes, and the body can heal itself.

Life can transform when harmful routines, dysfunctional thinking, and emotional blocks are removed. Pursuing one’s life’s true calling causes a profound inner transformation.

This happens when one opens themselves up to the truth, both their reality and the universal truths of love, compassion, and acceptance.

However, when we tap into Spirit and follow the Greater Good’s lead, I can help you heal by relocating the pain from the beginning of your Soul’sSoul’s journey.

To Heal on a Spiritual Level by Channeling

Everyone has unique perspectives and a stamp of authenticity. Our identity’s physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects have always been actual.

A channeled spiritual healing session reveals these truths and employs healing techniques to restore balance on all levels of a person’s being.

Working on this project is an act of self-recognition and appreciation. It’s your core that needs to be fixed to get better.

In a channeling session, I connect with your Soul energy, truths, signature, and history, all the way back to the beginning of your Soul journey.

Here, I use Qigong, Quantum Healing, and Hypnotherapy in conjunction with “channeling” guidance from the Divine for your highest good to get to the root of your physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues.

After the damage has been located, I set about mending it, and it is during this time that you receive your messages. The information conveyed through this channel is intended to help those who hear it.


Energetic Healing
Channeled Spiritual Counseling and Energetic Healing

What we have here is a combination of hypnotherapy and channeled healing. For establishing a link to the Divine, there is no better method than this one.

If you’re having trouble fully expressing yourself and living out your life’s purpose, this can help you clear out any lingering emotional and energetic traumas.

The Power of Animal Love: A Story of Healing Through Animal Communication

Recuperation is a process shared by animals and humans alike. During a healing session, the animal’s truths will be exposed, and healing methods will be implemented. Sometimes a pet will want to tell their human friend something, or they’ll have a request.

The animal’s genuine desire to speak with its human companion becomes apparent, and I am the conduit through which this desire is conveyed to the human.

My innate intuitive, psychic, and empathic abilities and gifts overcome the usual communication barrier between humans and animals.

Animals express their wants and need through telepathic transmissions. Here, I can restore psychic contact, solve problems, and channel healing energy to treat the animal’s physical ailments. Because of my psychic abilities, animals can express their wants and needs to me.

Keep in mind that animals, especially companion animals, often take on the problems of their human companions due to this innate psychic ability.

Whether the issues are physical, emotional, or mental, the animal companion either goes through them themselves, shares in their pain or earnestly attempts to heal them. When this happens, it’s best to focus on helping the human partner recover first, then the animal friend.

Neither the scope of this dialogue nor the power of the Universal healing energy to address pressing problems is limited.

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