Channeling Spirits: A Comprehensive Guide for Psychics

Channeling Spirits Guide
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The practice of channeling, in which a spirit takes control of a human body to speak through them, dates back millennia.

Shamen, witch doctors, prophets, and others have a long history of claims that they can communicate with the dead or get supernatural insights from the afterlife.

Psychic mediums, also known as channelers, often communicate with “spirit guides,” or helpful nonphysical beings that aid them in their quests.

While most people channel do so in search of personal understanding, it has been suggested that spirits from the past have used modern mediums to write whole volumes.

Numerous more books with similar content may be discovered in the New Age sections of bookstores and libraries across the globe. The most famous American channeler, Jane Roberts, claimed to communicate with a wise older man named Seth.

Assuming Seth’s identity, Roberts dictated esoteric knowledge to her husband, which they used to write the best-selling “Seth Speaks” in 1972 and its subsequent, equally popular sequels.

These books explored the afterlife, the nature of the soul, the heart of consciousness, spiritual truths, and the nature of reality.

What is Channeling: Do channels exist?

Unfortunately, no evidence supports the idea that the channeled information comes from anything other than the channelers themselves.

Typical topics covered by directed knowledge include divine messages of love and unity, a unified universe, and universal love.

A dozen distinct spirits, supposedly from the same afterlife, present a dozen different tales, demonstrating the inconsistency of channeled knowledge.

If the spirits passed on fundamental cosmic knowledge and universal truths, various channelers would say the same things at other times and places.

Instead, research has shown that channeled information changes through time and conforms to the prevalent cultural ideas of the time.

Channeling Spirits Guide
Channeling Spirits Guide for Psychics

It isn’t easy to know how much of the channeled material is real, but most of it cannot be. This is especially true when describing other dimensions, the nature of the soul, and similar topics.

By relaying information only the spirit could know, we can help prove that channeling is accurate.

An open channel of Albert Einstein, for instance, would continue his groundbreaking work in physics long after his death; or a father who died suddenly and left his affairs in disarray would be able to tell his wife and family through a channeler where crucial documents are located to help settle his estate.

Concepts in Channeling Psychology

In contrast, the information channelers claim to get from the afterlife is often unreliable, illogical, and unnecessary.

Channeling’s real motivation originates in psychological exploration, not psychic powers. Today we recognize that automatism is a form of dissociation, an altered state of consciousness in which an individual is capable of speaking or acting without awareness that deliberately doing so.

Said it’s not uncommon for thoughts, images, and symbols to present themselves during meditation spontaneously.

In this benign dissociation state, the information may come from a non-corporeal source, but the mind generates it. The exact process causes us to dream about things we haven’t before considered or imagined.

Most channelers are sincere in believing that an unseen spirit uses its body to spread truth and information, but others have been revealed as frauds who claim to contact the dead to acquire fame or wealth. Finally, channeling is not weird nor an unexplained doorway to the hereafter.

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