Feeling Energy in Hands Meaning: What Your Body is Trying to Tell You?

Vibrational Energy through the Hands
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Setting spiritual goals requires introspection and actualizing a vision for one’s life. It’s like planting a seed of knowledge that will grow and flourish so that your aspirations may only become more extensive.

Therefore, you need to actively generate events in your life if you want to form intentions. There are seven steps that you may take that may help you achieve your chakra healing energy goals.

Why do I feel the energy in my hands?

feeling energy in hands meaning

Clarity of thought and a high vibratory frequency are essential while setting objectives. Establishing your aims, calming your thoughts, increasing your vibratory frequency, and shifting your mind towards creating your spiritual intentions will help you better align your intentions with your basic aspirations.

Goal-setting that is driven by worry and doubt will go nowhere well. It is thus highly recommended that you construct your goals on harmonious vibrations and energies, as this will lead to perfect alignment.

When your spiritual goals and your life’s mission are in harmony, you reap the highest potential rewards for yourself.

How to move energy with your hands?

One person’s idea of bliss may not be another’s. Therefore, you must discover what brings YOU joy. Determine what will make you happy on a purely personal basis.

The answer lies in the intensity of your motivation. But it’s tricky to tap into, and it could be challenging.

A journal is highly recommended since it facilitates introspection and clarifies one’s spiritual purpose, which is crucial in achieving inner peace and harmony. 

Get Your Wants In Order

At this point, you may mold your goals, whatever you choose. You should reread your journal entries about your wants and needs and prioritize them based on their importance.

In some instances, these spiritual goals may be of the utmost importance, but you should still take the time to figure out which ones serve your greater life purpose.

Your primary focus should be finding the top three most essential objectives in harmony with the core principles of your sole purpose.

feeling the energy in hands, meaning
How you can Channel Higher Vibrational Energy through the Hands

How to hold your hands when meditating?

Goal-setting requires introspection to the point where your rationale makes sense to others.

Using the top three desires you’d previously selected, you should now investigate the answer to the question, “Why are these three the most important to me?”

Ask yourself, “Why do I want the vibrational frequency of my body, mind, and soul to be elevated to a higher level?” if one of your three objectives is to increase your well-being by raising your vibrational frequency.

You need to pay attention to your gut to find the correct answer. Meditation is a powerful tool for getting to the bottom of your spiritual goals.

Analyze your reasoning and keep digging until you find convincing evidence that this spiritual goal is right for you.

Chakra meditation hand signs:

Chakra meditation hand signs

Here, you put your planned actions and their reasoning into effect.

You need to set the right tone to achieve your goal. While doing so, you might ask the angels for impartial guidance and help to clarify your goals.

However, there is no one best way to do this. It’s up to you to decide how to get things done. Make the decision you think is best for you.

Construct A Strategy To Realise Your Aspirations

If you can’t commit to seeing your goals through to completion, setting them in the first place isn’t very sensible. Angels may help you build a strategy to achieve your goals in life.

You must pray to your guardian angels with nothing but good thoughts. Achieving your objectives will be much more manageable if you are specific in your action plan and use deadlines to keep yourself on track.

For continued guidance, maintain prayerful communication with the angelic realm, guiding spirits, and cosmos.

You can always use a helping hand. Thus, you should always be open to receiving help in whatever form.

When you think you don’t need help, it may not be until you realize how much you did until you have it. While it may be easy to put your spiritual goals into words, you may need some help putting them into action.

So, don’t be shy about consulting your spirit guides to help you map out with chakra healing strategy for achieving your higher spiritual goals.

Your appointed mentors are here to provide assistance that goes above and beyond what you could do for yourself.

What are the chakras? How many types of chakras are there?

The chakra system is an ancient system of energy centers in the body that are believed to be responsible for various physical, emotional, and spiritual functions.

The body has seven primary chakras, each located in a different area and associated with a different color and set of attributes.

These primary chakras are often the focus of a reiki practitioner’s work, as they are believed to be the most important for overall health and well-being.

In addition to the primary chakras, secondary chakras are located throughout the body, such as the hand chakras and minor chakras.

The hand chakras are essential for a reiki practitioner, as they are believed to be responsible for channeling the creative energy of the universe into the body and out into the world.

However, blocked hand chakras can create issues for a reiki practitioner, as it may limit their ability to feel the reiki sensations and channel the energy effectively.

Too much yang energy in the body can also cause imbalances in the chakra system, leading to physical and emotional symptoms.

A Reiki practitioner can help to balance the chakras and promote overall wellness by using various techniques, such as energy healing and meditation.

By working with the chakras and the creative energy they represent, reiki practitioner can help their clients to achieve a greater sense of well-being and connection to the divine.

What are palm chakras?

Palm chakras are energy centers located in the palms of the hands. They are also sometimes referred to as hand chakras or hridaya chakras.

According to some spiritual traditions and belief systems, these chakras are responsible for receiving and transmitting energy and enhancing the hands’ healing abilities.

Palm chakras are said to be closely connected to the heart chakra, located in the center of the chest.

Some people believe that by focusing on the energy flow in the palm chakras, it is possible to increase one’s ability to heal oneself and others, as well as to connect with spiritual energies and divine guidance.

Some practices and techniques, such as meditation, visualization, and healing energy, can activate and balance the palm chakras.

Some people also use crystals or other healing tools in conjunction with palm chakra work.

Ultimately, the goal of working with the palm chakras is to cultivate greater awareness of the energy flow in the body and to develop a deeper connection to the divine.


How do you feel energy in your hands?

Feeling energy in your hands can be experienced as a sensation of warmth, tingling, pressure, or vibration.

This can occur during energy healing practices or other activities channeling or manipulating energy.

Do we have energy in our hands?

Like the rest of our bodies, our hands have energy flowing through them. In traditional Chinese medicine, this energy is referred to as “Qi” or “Chi” and is believed to be vital to our overall health and well-being.

What is feeling waves of energy through body?

Feeling energy waves through your body can be described as a sensation of vibration or pulsation that moves through your body.

This can occur during the healing energy practices or other activities channeling or manipulating energy.

How do I feel energy?

You can feel the energy through healing practices like Reiki, meditation, yoga, or even being in nature.

The sensation of energy can manifest as warmth, tingling, pressure, or vibration.

Why do I feel people’s energy?

Feeling people’s energy can be an intuitive ability that some individuals possess. It can manifest as empathy or picking up on someone’s emotions, mood, or energy level.

What does high energy feel like?

High energy can feel like being alert, motivated, and lively. It can be experienced as enthusiasm, inspiration, and joy. Conversely, low power can feel lethargy, apathy, and lack of motivation.


In conclusion, feeling the energy in your hands is a common experience among people who practice energy healing or other alternative medicine.

While the scientific community may not fully understand the phenomenon, many individuals believe that these sensations are a sign that the body’s energy centers are activated and working correctly.

Whether you believe in the spiritual or scientific aspects of energy healing, paying attention to the sensations in your hands can be a powerful tool for gaining insight into your physical and emotional health.

You can better understand your body and its needs by tuning in to these sensations and learning to interpret their meaning.

Ultimately, the meaning of energy sensations in your hands will vary from person to person, and it’s up to you to determine what your body is trying to tell you. Suppose you’re interested in exploring energy healing further.

In that case, many resources are available to help you learn more about this fascinating topic and how it can benefit your overall health and well-being.

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