Energy Healing Meets Chakra Healing

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Restore  the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind, and soul through chakras. Read more how energy healing meets with chakra healing through meditation.

Chakras for Healing

Several energy healings meet chakra healing permeate both the aura and the physical body, known as chakras, a Sanskrit phrase that means wheel. Numerous lesser chakras may be found in addition to the twenty-one essential chakras. Others become apparent with time. Palms and soles of feet seem to be utilized more often than other chakras.

Most individuals can feel the chakras rather than see them. A few centimeters distant from the body is the easiest method for detecting them. The presence of clothing does not impede the flow of energy or its capacity to be seen. Thus it is seldom necessary to remove garments to receive healing.

Energy Healing
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When energy healing meets chakra healing that preserves physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual flexibility is more important than learning to protect ourselves against external pressures.

  • Root Chakra

This red-hued chakra is near the base of the spine, midway between the sacrum and the pelvic bone. Its primary function is to keep us grounded and alive in the physical world. It’s a part of how we feel physically. In the same way, the primary layer of the aura is linked to the material world.

  • The Sacral Chakra

You’ll find this chakra in the midline, just below the navel. Its principal role is reproduction and exchanging sexual pleasure, which is orange in color. In the same way, the second layer of the aura is linked to one’s feelings and thoughts.

  • The Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus is located either in the middle or somewhat to the stomach’s left, depending on the individual. It has a yellowish tint to it. It’s here that we form our views. A meeting place of might and potency. It’s the third layer of the aura that deals with the mind.

  • The Chakra of the Heart

We are now traveling into the spiritual realm from the physical and emotional realms. Hence this chakra is usually referred to as a transitional chakra. As the center of human love, the heart acts as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Emotionally, it is an emerald green color. The astral plane is here.

  • Throat Chakra

This chakra, placed in the neck as its name indicates, is a part of the divine realm. It is possible to speak our truth confidently and listen without judgment when the throat chakra is wholly developed. It is here that we find our sense of self-worth and purpose. The color is either blue or turquoise. The etheric body is the fifth and final layer.

  • Brow Chakra

As a result, we are raised to a level of love that surpasses all other kinds of love. It’s where you may get a glimpse into the future with spiritual clarity. The celestial body is the chakra’s corresponding stratum. It’s either violet or dark blue.

  • Crown Chakra

Our doorway to the heavenly and spiritual realms is the crown chakra, positioned on the top of the head. Spiritual energy may be used for self-healing or to help others around us. Moreover, it is the epicenter of knowing—knowing without rationale or justification—in the human experience. All four spheres of existence are intertwined in this setting. The color is violet.

Units of Energy

It’s common to refer to a chakra as “blocked,” yet this term spans a wide range of problems. As a result, the chakra may spin at the wrong speed, in the wrong direction, or not at all; it may also be unbalanced or even shattered. You may not be able to open and close it with the utmost care.

Kinds of Energy Blocks

To protect ourselves from things we can’t handle right now, we construct various types of energy blocks when energy healing meets chakra healing that correlate with psychological defensive systems. suppressing one’s feelings, which frequently leads to depression and hopelessness

Frozen feelings often lead to high tension levels and the need to defend oneself against further attack. Depleting energy and abdication of power make the person seem helpless and dependent on others, protecting them from having to accept personal accountability and responsibility.

Fear often leads to denial, wherein the person will pretend that everything is alright even though chaos exists to the point where dealing with it must be avoided at all costs to prevent a possible collapse; Denial. Many people use a combination of these blocks and swap between them depending on the situation. Depending on how much we feel we can bear, we all need blocks from time to time to keep the energy flowing in the right direction. These temporary blocks might prove to be a valuable tool at times.

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