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Pranic Healing vs Reiki
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People who believe that they need to heal from emotional discomfort or negative energy that is preventing them from moving forward may find that engaging in alternative therapies is a fruitful and rewarding experience. There are many various ways to heal both your body and your spirit, but two methods that are gaining popularity are Pranic healing vs Reiki. There are many different ways to heal both your body and your spirit. Both of these treatment methods are predicated on the concept of purifying the flow of energy within an individual’s body so that they do not encounter any instances of stasis or blockage in their energy flow.

Although these two methods of healing can be quite distinct from one another in many respects, they are both support the idea that individuals have the capacity to call upon healing energies in order to assist both themselves and others. Negative energy can be stored in people’s bodies or in their “auras,” and this energy needs to be cleared out before positive energy can flow through them in a natural and unobstructed way. This bad energy can manifest itself in the form of feelings, pain, and physical diseases, all of which have the potential to interfere with your day-to-day life.

Pranic Healing vs Reiki Healing – Which should I choose?

Pranic healing is a distinct discipline that differs significantly from Reiki, despite both of them being based on energy healing principles. To begin, the pranic approach often begins with an energy assessment of the individual by way of a “scan” of their aura or energetic spirit. This can also be thought of as an energetic spirit reading. This scan has the potential to assist in recognizing areas of energy depletion or congestion, which will assist in identifying areas that require concentrated repair.

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Unlike in Reiki, which depends more on the intuition of the healer to detect problem areas throughout the process of healing, the type of assessment procedure used in pranic healing is not typically undertaken in Reiki. Following the evaluation, the pranic practitioner will then perform a manual cleansing technique known as “sweeping,” which assists in the removal of obstructions and stagnant energies to make room for the flow of fresh energy. In Reiki, rather than using any kind of sweeping technique, the practitioner just lets energy flow out of their hands and directly into the places that need it.

According to pranic practice, each illness creates a one-of-a-kind pattern of energy that manifests in the body’s major chakras and numerous meridians. These patterns can be detected and analyzed. Particular cleansing practices are employed for various energy patterns, and each one is matched to a different ailment. Pranic healing, in this way, is more specific to the diseases being treated, allowing it to be more efficient and effective in its application.

Other practices, such as “energetic hygiene,” which incorporates a set of instructions for breathing, dietary recommendations, and cleansing rituals to keep your energy flow full and pure, are also incorporated into Pranic. It is a good practice for practitioners to rid themselves of any negative energy that they pick up from cleansing others, as this stops them from having their life force drained away and makes it possible for them to clear themselves of any negative energy that they have picked up.

When compared to western medicine, alternative healing modalities like Reiki and pranic energy therapy may appear to be foreign concepts; nonetheless, these modalities have the potential to be useful additions to more conventional forms of treatment. Energy healing may be a positive and calming experience for people who are suffering from issues such as stress, pain, and emotional challenges. This helps these individuals let go of any tense or poisonous feelings that they may be holding onto. Being on the receiving end of healing energy from a practitioner of Reiki Healing or Pranic can assist in purging negativity and creating a refreshed feeling of well-being.

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