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Healing Methods to Help With Chronic Illnesses

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It’s likely that you or a close friend have a chronic condition if you are reading this. You may have experimented with conventional medication, complementary treatments, and dietary adjustments to better your health. These may provide the impression of working for a while, but they won’t deliver the lasting answer you need.

The Energy Healing Procedure: What Is It?

Exactly how does energy healing function, then? Since its foundation is the not-so-novel concept that everything is Energy, it is not revolutionary. The ancient Indians have spoken about prana, or life force, while the Chinese have spoken of chi or vital Energy. According to this view, our identities span beyond the confines of our physical selves, including our energetic auras.

When we are born, our energy fields are completely unblocked. So, when things are tough, we feel the full force of the situation. Screaming or even physical hostility from an adult may fall into this category. Many energy occurrences in our lives are random and seldom deliberate. Consequently, a young mother may worry about her newborn, and the baby may feel distressed. Or, more commonly, a new sibling will enter the world, and the older youngster will quickly learn that he or she is no longer the centre of attention.

Strengthening Armor using Spirit Guidance

Our “intelligence” improves with age, and we discover ways to shield ourselves from potentially damaging feelings. Because of this, we build what may be thought of as energy shielding. Anything from one’s past often appears in one’s present and vice versa. Although this decision may be crucial for the 7-year survival, old people’s You can see how this might be a problem if it were to persist into maturity. This allowed the person to see how they were stifling their feelings in romantic and platonic relationships and not experiencing or pursuing the love and connection they so deeply craved.

Healing Methods to Help With Chronic Illnesses

There are several possible causes for the emergence of such energy barriers. As adults, we may be especially sensitive to criticism from friends, supervisors, or spouses if we were reprimanded as children. Another possibility is that we’ve developed a food allergy to anything forced upon us. Reacting “disproportionately” to something as an adult is often a sign that we need to look at our history and let go of any repressed emotions.

Connection to Chronic Illness

Despite its obvious merits, you may wonder how any of this relates to the scourge of chronic illness. Clearly, the energetic barriers we erect to keep harm at bay also diminish our vitality. Over time, these obstacles might accumulate to the point that our vitality is seriously depleted, leading to health problems.

The “layers” of stored Energy from times past are the fuel that power the healing process in energy medicine. The therapy for any “illness,” whether chronic weariness or Parkinson’s disease, will include delving into the energy field and freeing up trapped Energy in various ways.

The energy healer will take you back to when a specific pattern first formed so that you can let go of the pent-up emotions and Energy that have built up through the years. Using music as a tool to relieve tension and restore equilibrium is one possibility. By making way for this amazing, higher-frequency Energy, any pent-up energy ready to be released can’t cope and simply flows out without a fuss.

Sickness-inducing energy patterns may have slowly built up in a person over time. Moreover, it may take time and numerous healing sessions to work through the “layers” of emotions and blocked spirit guide energy that allows the body to return to shape.

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