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Bring peace, wisdom and clarity to your life by connecting with spirit guides. Read more about how you can find your spirit guides using your spiritual power.

Aladdin fans, have you ever wondered how to find your spirit guides or what it would be like to have a personal genie that could grant your every request (well, three wishes, but that’s okay)? To your surprise, you have one—or rather, many. They are not genies with magical lamps that may be bribed.

Methods Of Finding Spirit Guides

For the author of Light Is the New Black and spiritual teacher Rebecca Campbell, spirit guides are creatures that have been assigned to you. They will help and advise you to the best of their abilities. Angels, ancestors, and deities are just a few of the many spirit guides that are accessible, each with a distinct set of capabilities. Campbell states, “Many have experienced lives here on Earth.”

Is it a life goal of yours to track down your own personal guide and how to find your spirit guides? You don’t need special powers or other spiritual abilities to recognize your spirit guide. ‘I think we’re all aware and capable of gaining guidance,’ says Campbell. You must put your conscious mind to rest and get out of your way in order to make the connection.

A typical person has a team of six advisors who each bring something unique to the table and are required for various reasons, according to her. You may have a guardian, a healer, or a motivator as your spirit guide. If you have a particular skill set in mind, you may also hire fresh guides.

Spirit Guides
God’s Saving Hand reaching for the faithful

How to Find Your Spirit Guides Team

  1. Call Upon The Assistance Of Your Spirit Guides

Campbell says you should start by setting up a spiritual environment. You can connect with the spiritual world by lighting a candle, saying a prayer, putting crystals around you, or taking part in a religious ceremony.

Once you’re connected, protect yourself by only letting in spirits with good vibes. “Make sure you’re only asking for real help from the highest realms for the good of everyone,” Campbell says that you shouldn’t talk to any ghosts still on earth.

  • Specify What You Want By Making A Request

If you want to receive the loving assistance of your spirit guides, you must first ask for it. This authorizes them to assist you. Once this occurs, according to Campbell, your spirit guides may help you with any aspect of your life, no matter how large or tiny.

You cannot locate your keys. Ask your spirit guides for some insights. Not sure what to do with your life? Request some help from your spirit guardians. Want to discover your ideal partner? Even so, your spirit guides might be of assistance. In reality, they should have your back regardless of your needs.

Campbell suggests asking for a sign if you make a request but are unsure whether your spirit guides received it. Choose a specific object or symbol to represent your sign. This may be a sunflower, an emoji, a matcha latte, or something else. Then, wait for it to appear as a sign that your spirit guides have listened and are with you. We hope this article has helped you understand how to find your spirit guides.

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