How To Enter Trance State: The Ultimate Guide

Induce And Enter Trance for Spiritual Channeling

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For thousands of years, people have developed various methods to induce psychedelic states of consciousness and gain access to the spirit realm for spiritual channeling. Our shamanic ancestors and the indigenous traditions of every continent attest that trance states are portals to the unconscious and the earthy, buried realms of our souls. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism are some major faiths that use trance states to make their adherents feel closer to God.

What is a Trance State?

Somewhere between fully awake and fully sleeping is a trance state of consciousness. Trance shifts between the two states of thought, the aware and the unconscious. “Zoning out,” “going off with the fairies,” “being out of it,” and “daydreaming” are all terms used to describe people in a trance state.

Trance Induction Techniques for Spiritual Channeling

Following the steps outlined here, you can achieve several degrees of trance, from light to potentially deep. How you use these strategies is totally up to you. You should see a doctor before using these methods if you have a history of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or severe mental illness.

  • Breathwork

Changing your breathing pace and pattern is a common method for entering a trance state. Pranayama is another yogic breathing method that may help you clear your mind and heart of any obstacles, but it also has the potential to put you in a trance state.

  • Meditation and Mantra

Mantra, or the repetition of sounds or words, is another way to achieve a meditative state. Some Christian monks and believers have also been known to utilise mantras to alter their state of consciousness alongside their Hindu and Buddhist counterparts.

Although prayer is a gentle method capable of altering one’s state of mind, I can only achieve a minor trance state when using it. But if prayer is something that you feel drawn to, then you should experiment with different types of prayer to see if you can get beyond the barrier that your rational mind creates. See what more you can learn about this topic by Googling “glossolalia.”

Induce And Enter Trance for Spiritual Channeling
Different Ways To Induce And Enter Trance for Spiritual Channeling
  • Primitive Drumming, Chanting, And Percussion

Shamans are often seen beating on drums to induce the trance state necessary for the inside trip. There are primitive rhythmic soundscapes available online, or you could grab a drum. What draws me to Mongolian throat singing is its genuine earthiness, bordering on the abyssal. Indigenous music or music made with instruments you find calming could be good options. Listen for monotonous sounds with no recognisable voices. Listening to music sung in your tongue piques the curiosity of the rational mind. To enter the fluid world of the subconscious is to produce a trance, which means going beyond the logical.

Binaural beats, a set of sound frequencies, may be used to generate a trance-like condition in a short amount of time. You may read our in-depth essay about binaural beats to learn more.

  • The Pendulum’s Reach

The pendulum technique requires finding a quiet place to sit and concentrating on the pendulum’s swing. You may find it to move it, or you can gently swing it to set it in motion. Do this exercise for five to ten minutes to induce a trance.

  • Visualisation

In general, this is a method that many people find useful. If you have a strong imagination, then visualisation as a trance approach will come naturally to you. You have the choice of using an existing visualisation or creating your own. Suppose you decide to see the light permeating your brain and every cell of your body. It’s possible to see oneself soaring through the air like a bird. You might also attempt more traditional methods, like the “stair visualisation,” in which you imagine descending a flight of steps and your mind opening up as you reach the bottom. If you want to get your point through, use whatever picture works best for you.

  • Release Of Pent-Up Emotions And Tensions

Exhaustion of the body and mind brought on by physical exercise is conducive to inducing a trance. It’s not only for a show that indigenous communities put so much effort into their dancing performances at rituals. They need to know that dance is a potent means of overcoming the limitations of the ego and connecting with the true Self.

Exercising the heart vigorously or engaging in a trance-inducing practice for spiritual channeling like dynamic meditation might help with catharsis. Alternate states of consciousness can also be achieved by prolonged or severe yoga practice.

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