How To Channel Spirit Guide Using Trance Channeling?

Spirit Guide Using Trance Channeling
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Welcome to the Topic “How To Channel Spirit Guide Using Trance Channeling?”

Learning to communicate with and use one’s Spirit Guides is at the heart of this trance healing program.

Trance mediumship teaches you to channel healing energy from the other side and connect with your spirit guide.

But what exactly is this “Trance Healing” that everyone keeps talking about?

Spirit Guide Channeling Techniques Using Trance Healing

Comparable to energy medicine is the practice of ‘Trance Healing.

Spiritual healing is reliable and robust because the healing energy comes from a trustworthy and unbroken source: Spirit.

Spirit Guide Using Trance Channeling
How To Channel Spirit Guide Using Trance Channeling

Mediumship, of which trance healing is a subset, consists of establishing contact with the other side of the spirit world. In addition to Spirit Guides, you communicate with many other benevolent beings, including Ascended Masters and Angels.

Someone who can bring people together is called a medium. The role of a Medium is to function as a conduit or intermediary between the living and those who have passed on or between a client and the afterlife.

Trance Healing sessions

During a trance healing session, the Medium does not transmit information from one side of the veil to the other; instead, they serve as a conduit for the healing energy from the spirit realm.

Spirit guides, helpers, angels, and Ascended Masters are all sources of healing energy. The potential of this potent energy medication to return the body to a state of homeostasis might be of value to both you and your client.

Where Does Trance Healing Fit In?

A session of Trance Healing, much like a session of Reiki, may be able to aid with bodily imbalance, but that’s not where it truly shines.

Not only will it assist us in coping with stress, but it will also be helpful to us in other ways.

Trance Healing is the method to pursue if your physical illness is accompanied by mental, emotional, or spiritual symptoms in any manner.

Spirit Guide Using Trance Channeling
How To Channel Spirit Guide Using Trance Channeling

How Exactly Does Trance Mediumship Work?

The first step in the Trance Healing procedure involves the Medium entering a trancelike condition in which they focus their attention inwards.

This is done to establish a connection with the hereafter. When a medium goes into a trance state, they can communicate with their spirit guides and other people, helping them on the other side of the veil.

During this procedure stage, the energy field of the Medium and their Spirit Friends will meld together to form a single cohesive area.

The client can absorb the healing energy from the spirit realm through the Medium’s aura.

Now that you can connect with your spirit guide, who else may benefit from learning this information?

Everyone might benefit from trance healing. We may all benefit from some spiritual healing at some point. Once you have learned this excellent method and have practiced it by listening to the meditations, you may help your friends or customers.

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