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How To Reclaim Joy And Abundance In Your Life

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It’s easy to see someone falling asleep at their desk in the face of prosperity and never getting up again.

While this may be one way to achieve “maximum productivity” (aka burnout) on the job, it’s also quite unrealistic, especially if you have a family (or any sort of social life, for that matter). We get asked a lot, “How can I create plenty and joy in my life?”

Luckily, there are several approaches and precedents to examine when it comes to attracting abundance. Some of our favourite methods, as well as some traps to avoid on the road to financial success, are outlined here.

  1. Cast Aside Your Pursuit Of Perfection

It’s true that no one is perfect, as the old adage says. While striving for perfection is commendable, it shouldn’t be the end goal of every project you embark on. Pushing yourself to achieve perfection all the Time will almost certainly lead you to abuse yourself by putting in far more time and effort than is necessary. Many people’s outward display of perfectionism belies crippling anxiety about making mistakes. Keep your sights set high and learn as much as you can along the way, but don’t neglect to put yourself in situations where you may be tested and grow from your errors.

  1. Relinquish Dominion

It’s easy to assume that successful people in every sphere of life have done so because they are exceptional in each one. However, some of the most successful people in history have figured out how to let go and tune in to their inner voices. One of the world’s most famous speakers on how to get riches, Bob Proctor, gives a tremendously motivating talk on the topic of abundance meditation.

  1. Start Bringing Your Dreams Into Reality

It may seem silly to someone inexperienced with the concept of manifestation, but trust me, this is the real deal. A study conducted by psychologist and researcher Richard Davidson and published in Time reveals that pleasure is a physical state of the brain that can be purposely generated by seeing meditating Buddhist monks. What steps can you take to develop a spirit of plenty? The good news is that we can get what we need without becoming Buddhist monks. 

Taking a five-minute break from your goal and using that Time to reflect on yourself might help you see it in a new light and make progress toward it. It’s true that everyone has a different route to success, but one thing is for sure: it shouldn’t be paved with anxiety, concern, or obsession. Get in touch with your inner wisdom right now to start living a fulfilled and successful life.

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