How to Use Oracle Cards? A Complete Beginners Guide!

Work Intuitively With Your Spiritual Oracle
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Deciphering the spiritual directions of tarot cards may be challenging even if you don’t need to spend years learning how to read them and remembering all the different card meanings.

There’s a chance that the cards you draw may make you even more confused than before. If this describes you, you might like learning to interpret oracle cards, the tarot’s simpler relative.

A tarot deck, in contrast, follows a preset structure and typically consists of 78 cards, each of which has a unique, culturally significant meaning.

While oracle decks can be used for intuitive divination, they do not need to adhere to any particular structure.

How to use oracle cards with tarot?

how to use oracle cards

Each oracle deck is unique in terms of its subject matter, artwork, number of cards, and interpretations of those cards.

Numerous decks, such as Gabrielle Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back, have archetypes, spirit animals, angels, and affirmations.

There is infinite room for creativity and interpretation with Tarot cards. Still, the most significant part is that the interpretations are usually clearly laid out on the card.

When used the same way as tarot cards, oracle decks may help you gain insight and perspective, calm your nerves, and connect with the source of all your answers: intuition.

Spiritual Directions: Connect With Your Wisdom

Here are seven ways to connect with your inner wisdom with oracle cards.

How do oracle cards work

Playing with or carrying your oracle cards can help you connect deeper and give them your energy. The more you interact with your decks, the better they serve you.

Learn oracle cards

Like with tarot cards, the quality of your inquiry will affect the accuracy of the answer. That’s why Campbell suggests zeroing down on the specifics of your problem before composing your question.

Work Intuitively With Your Spiritual Oracle
How to Work Intuitively With Your Spiritual Oracle

Be Sure To Give The Oracle Cards A Good Shuffle

Getting the shuffle right should take at least seven times through the deck. After cutting the deck into thirds, they should be restacked face down. Stay calm and in the moment, and let your energy merge with the cards.

Oracle and tarot cards

To choose a card, lay out your hand and move it over the table until you feel a magnetic pull. You may use a one-card spread or pick many cards to be more specific with this reading.

Most Oracle decks contain a booklet detailing how to use various spreads. To make things simple, choose one card.

Just Lay The Card Down

Don’t rush to the guidebook for interpretation after drawing a card (or several). For a short period, let your instincts guide the interpretation. Doing so will allow you to follow your gut and tap into your subconscious deeper.

Pay attention to recurring ideas, terms, and symbols in the cards. What came to mind when you were reading them? Was it a specific image, a word, a sound, or a feeling? On the other hand, did you conclude by some intuitive knowing?

Take A Look At The Manual

After giving the cards some thought and picking up on the intuitive signals, you may go to the guidebook’s description (if the deck comes with one) to make connections and gain insight.

Give A Brief Overview Of The Main Points

Finally, describe the primary message you gleaned from the oracle cards using your insights and what you picked up from the guidebook.

Meditation or written records can explore what has been brought up for you.

What good is universal guidance if we don’t put it into action? Finally, determine what you can do in response to that spiritual direction.

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