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Different Meditations For Higher-Self Connection
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Each of us contains a spirit seed, a pure power waiting to be uncovered. This energy is an element of the Source, the primordial cosmic consciousness (or before birth if you believe in reincarnation).

This energy is also a component of your Higher Self communication, connecting you to the rest of the universe. This spirit seed is not hidden but must be cultivated and nurtured to attain its full potential.

Meditation for the higher self

Meditation practice centered on strengthening this connection can result in immediate, observable shifts in your viewpoint.

How can we know when we’ve begun higher self-communication during our meditation? 

Here are four signs to watch out for:

Your Brain Waves Fluctuate, Forcing Your Thoughts And Heart To Operate Together. Our brains emit various brain waves based on our emotional and physical conditions.

Brain waves of varying frequencies are always there, but one frequency will become predominant based on our current actions. Conversation, reading, and work are all associated with beta frequencies.

On the other hand, alpha waves are associated with quiet, gentle thought and meditation. Therefore, when you meditate, you alter the way your brain functions by producing more alpha waves.

Guided meditation higher self

Current neuroscientists have discovered that the brain can produce entirely new types of brain waves, known as theta and gamma waves, during profound meditation levels.

Gamma waves have been associated with the growth of spirituality and the expansion of consciousness.

These more profound meditation experiences connect to a part of the brain that scientists call the “higher brain center.”

meditation to connect with higher self

What relevance does this have to meditation? The superior intellect can identify our bad characteristics, such as avarice and a thirst for power.

Not only may your higher mind expose these characteristics, but it can also show you how to release these lower energy by not acting on them.

Higher self meditation script

In other words, connecting with your Higher Self during meditation actively alters how your brain processes thoughts, stimulates your higher mind, and establishes the heart-mind connection, granting you the wisdom to recognize and release the lower traits preventing you from living a fulfilling life.

Working out and changing our lower nature is essential because it makes space in our consciousness for the energy and understanding of the Higher Self to enter.

This labor of spirituality and self-awareness grants us access to greater levels of cosmic spiritual energy and wisdom, both inside and without.

Guided meditation script spiritual:


Disappear Things:

While in deep theta- and gamma-wave meditation, you are in contact with your Higher Self and the spiritual powers of the cosmos. Your day’s cares, fears, and difficulties begin to slip away.

You may even feel “in the zone,” a trance-like state of relaxed concentration described by many athletes following their best athletic achievements.

In this level of meditation, you are just aware of pleasant vibrations. In several cultures, this cathartic release of our busy thoughts has been viewed as a spiritual experience, a higher condition of consciousness.

In my experience, it is accompanied by quiet and complete freedom. It is a condition of elegance, receptivity, and modesty. It feels fantastic to be in contact with the internal divinity.

You “Hear” Or “See” Both Words And Pictures:

In a deeper meditative state, you are an empty vessel capable of receiving visions and messages from your Higher Self and the cosmos.

When communicating with the energy of your Higher Self, you may “see” images or “hear” statements utilizing your inner senses of sight and hearing as opposed to your external eyes and ears.

Higher self-guided meditation

Remember that whatever insights you gain via meditation must be verified by your rational thinking to guarantee they are not affected by your lower nature.

As we pursue higher self-communication, we must also work on and grasp our lower nature features, which, if left unresolved, would imprison us in erroneous knowledge and hinder us from establishing a genuine connection with our Higher Self.

The Source of our misery is our base character. We must bring them to the forefront of our minds to change them and consciously decide not to act on them.

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