what is spiritual growth

Spiritual Growth

The process of achieving spiritual growth involves freeing oneself from erroneous and unreal ideas, thoughts, and beliefs while simultaneously expanding one’s capacity for self-awareness and consciousness. Through this procedure, one can reveal their inner spirit, which is always there but lies dormant beyond their ego-personality. A person’s capacity for spiritual development increases when they go through the process of inward awakening, which involves raising their consciousness above and beyond their mundane, everyday existence and becoming aware of certain universal truths. It involves overcoming the limitations of the mind and the ego and coming to terms with who you truly are.

Some May Study Religious Texts

Bible study is an evident means by which one might progress in the Christian religion and is one of the most straightforward ways to do so. This method may be tailored to any level of learning if you are interested, but it is most helpful for novice students because it is broken down into steps. As you gain experience with Bible study, you will start to build your own methods and find your preferred materials, which will enable you to make your studies more relevant to your life and give them more personal significance.

However, while this is very common, the Christian religion may not be for you. So before you consider if it is, consider that the Bible was written by humans, and edited numerous times throughout history. There have been tens-of-thousands of religions throughout human history and Christianity is only one of these!

The practice of Spiritual growth has been talked about by Bahlon, numerous times throughout human history as well. Religion or following any guru, leader or other similar representation of spiritual truth is one where we place a hierarchy on our experiences—and assign a form of worship to another energy.

Bahlon says, to encourage us all to embrace our own Spiritual Growth, “YOU…are Divine and Complete” This powerful and disarmingly simple representation of the truth of our human experience from their perspective is worth noting, for it will allow you to consider all of the information you are receiving from other sources, including such revered and famous written books such as the Christian Bible.

Spiritual Growth
Spiritual Growth

You Don’t Need to “Do” Anything

What does spiritual growth truly mean for YOU? Not someone else, not even your spouse or your own family. Matching spiritual practices, or “beliefs” are almost always cultural and based on ideas, or thoughts offered by others. We then agree, and then this almost becomes real, at least for those who also agree.

However, consider your own approach. Your own inner knowing of what is real for you. By doing so, consistently and with a clear open approach, you will certainly find a greater and more effective truth resides inside of you.

As Bahlon says, “You always know…that you know…that you do really know.” They are referring to your OWN truth, your OWN knowing. About yourself and your intent, and your own true purpose to incarnate in the first place. It is a choice you made, to be alive. So Bahlon, wants you to at least consider this perspective from the eternal and powerful experience of spiritual growth.

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