How to Identify the Signs of Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth
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Most development techniques are defined by externals, such as growing more affluent, more successful, or having a more prominent family.

In contrast, others are determined by your behavior and attitude, such as becoming happier, more loving, and more mature. Unlike other forms of development, spiritual growth is invisible since it occurs behind closed doors.

The Bhagavad-Gita teaches that not even the enlightened can be recognized by their outward appearance.

Daily, we are all guided by mental activity, which is forever remaking itself with novel objectives, fears, routines, and ideas.

Awakening to this level is not antithetical to spiritual progress, but at this point, almost everything you think about doesn’t matter.

The quality of your life may be affected by positive and evil thoughts, but the only thing you should be concerned with if you want to grow spiritually is your degree of awareness.

A Guide to the Five Signs of the Spiritual Growth

Every Eastern and Western spiritual school has a vast library of spiritual writings to draw information on how knowledge in awareness grows.

Here are five practical ideas you may use for your journey, no matter what it is or whose tradition you follow.

signs of spiritual growth
What Are Signs For Spiritual Growth

All That Exists Has Its Origins In The Mind

Faiths may use different words to describe the creator, but they all agree they believe in a conscious creator.

In a sense, this is something behind the scenes, woven into our particular states of consciousness.

Spirituality Goes Beyond What Can Be Understood By The Mind

You need not need your head, heart, or esoteric teachings to find your origin. You need something fundamental, which is just common sense.

When you are at ease, you can zero in on the tasks. The cognitive process will maintain a calm, undisturbed state of mind.

Your True Self Will Becomes Apparent

Your True Self Will Becomes Apparent

Mindfulness is the gateway drug to the spiritual path. Ultimately, the goal of the road is awakening or enlightenment, but for everyone, that day is still very far off.

There must be a progression of levels along the way. If you follow these steps, you will eventually find your true self. Even now, its gentle pull on your attention brings you closer to your origin.

Limit Your Awareness:

Everyone has a moment of enlightenment when they can connect with their true nature or higher consciousness.

However, you need to give them your time and attention if you want to help them grow spiritually.

Like threshold experiences, passing glances require you to go beyond your typical, occupied state of thought.

Intelligent Imagination Is the Source of All Knowledge and Power:

You appear to have an unsteady and hard-to-trace silent communication flow from your true self. False starts and setbacks are inevitable parts of the human experience.

The thinking mind is always engaged with ups and downs, flashes of inspiration followed by conflict and uncertainty.

On the other hand, creative intelligence is ever-present and self-aware. It sets up the plan for the life you’re intended to lead.

signs of spiritual growth
signs of spiritual growth

As you develop a more intimate relationship with your true self, you will begin to recognize this pattern, known as Dharma in Sanskrit.

There are no banners to follow, just a deluge of desires that push you toward becoming who you are. In this way, spirituality might be seen as a route toward fulfillment. Unless the journey itself is delightful, you will never complete it.

Though everyone may not experience these signs of spiritual growth, change and transformation are always possible.

Dharma may refer to many things, but at its heart, it is a method of living that leaves you feeling fulfilled and enlightened.

To progress spiritually, it is helpful to follow your vision. Ultimately, following your heart’s goal will bring you more delight.

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