Spirit Guides and Protection

Channeling Spirits

Spirit Guides and Protection

Various types of spirit guides and protection may be found, or a combination. It’s when you call on a higher power like a deity, angel, or positive universal force or when you use an energy barrier or object to defend yourself.

What Is the Purpose of Spiritual Protection?

If we don’t defend ourselves, we may unintentionally attract spirit guides and protection and energies that drain our energies and leave us feeling drained, uninspired, unhappy, and exhausted. Today’s world is packed with physical and non-physical energies searching for a food source. These energies may readily latch onto us if our aura is weak or unprotected, causing negative consequences in our lives.

Spirit Guides
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How to Protect Yourself

  1. Ask

There are several types of spirit guides and protection and numerous ways to install them, such as requesting God/Source/Spirit, Angels, or guides to be there with you and protect you from any visible or hidden forces.

Some people call it prayer, but you may name it anything you like.

In moments of dread, worry, or peril, many people invoke Archangel Michael to protect them. However, because of the rule of free choice, the spiritual world is restricted in what it can accomplish if you do not seek assistance. And although supernatural intervention does exist, asking for aid is much more efficient and secure.

  • Create an Energy Shield

After you’ve prayed for protection, the following step is to surround yourself with an electric barrier of protection. Shielding is a simple, quick, and efficient approach to protect oneself if you are in an environment where lousy energy may be present. It just takes a minute and is accomplished by requesting that your guides or angels surround your body with a protective coating of light and energy.

Simply holding this intention will result in the light being placed around you instantly, without exception. You may imagine, feel, or think of yourself as being enveloped by a cocoon of light. Because shields wear off, you will need to re-shield yourself regularly. Guards may stay in place for up to 8-12 hours in generally tranquil areas.

However, in harsh situations, you may need to re-shield more often (e.g., every few hours or whenever you feel a need to protect yourself).

Some individuals may feel the energy bubble around them, causing them to feel warm, vibrate, relaxed, or tickled. Even if you don’t feel it, know that it is there and that you are safe.

  • Objects

Along with the energy barrier, having protective things around you, in your environment, or wearing them is another effective technique to defend oneself. Religious symbols, talismans, and gems each have a unique energy that may make you feel secure, robust, and protected. You may also strengthen your things by surrounding them with an energy barrier, such as those indicated above, or by having them blessed by a religious or spiritual leader.

Crystals have the highest vibration or frequency and may contain or emit their energy. Crystals have a degree of conciseness that humans, animals, and spirits can detect via their aura and vibrational field, and each crystal has a unique significance and function.

You will notice a change in your life when you have taken all the necessary actions to defend yourself with spirit guides spiritually and spiritually protected. The steps will become regular, and as long as you try to remain optimistic, you can live a happy, healthy, and safe life.

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