how to manifest your desires

How The Spiritual World Is Helping

Welcome to the Topic “How The Spiritual World Is Helping You Manifest Your Desires” Wants are what motivate us all. In reality, views about what you want and don’t want change frequently. But how often do you pause to examine what you genuinely desire, and how often are you certain when you do? What you … Read more

How To Channel Spirit Guide Using Trance Channeling?

Spirit Guide Using Trance Channeling

Welcome to the Topic “How To Channel Spirit Guide Using Trance Channeling?” Learning how to communicate with and use one’s Spirit Guides is at the heart of this trance healing program. Trance mediumship teaches you to channel healing energy from the other side and connect with your spirit guide. But what exactly is this “Trance … Read more

Spirit Guides and Protection

Channeling Spirits

Spirit Guides and Protection Various types of spirit guides and protection may be found, or a combination. It’s when you call on a higher power like a deity, angel, or positive universal force or when you use an energy barrier or object to defend yourself. What Is the Purpose of Spiritual Protection? If we don’t … Read more

Spirit Guides :How to Find Your Spirit Guides

psychic spiritual medium

Bring peace, wisdom and clarity to your life by connecting with spirit guides. Read more about how you can find your spirit guides using your spiritual power. Aladdin fans, have you ever wondered how to find your spirit guides or what it would be like to have a personal genie that could grant your every … Read more