Spiritual Awakening Stages and Symptoms? The Answer May Surprise You

spiritual awakening stages and symptoms
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Spiritual awakening is a state of being that enables us to perceive beyond what our physical senses can detect.

It facilitates faith in the power of the cosmos, comprehension of the basics of being, and receptivity to these life truths. We live as though power, fame, and wealth are required for ultimate happiness, yet they are not.

This world cannot sustain our happiness for very long. Happiness cannot be acquired outside. You are entrenched with it. To locate it, you must look within yourself.

Stages of a spiritual awakening

  • The first step will help you feel comfortable and at ease in your environment. We live in the present moment without considering what will occur in the future or what has occurred in the past.
  • In the second level, it is possible to connect with your environment. You feel harmonious with your surroundings. You may find joy in the simplest parts of life and feel at one with nature.
  • The last stage of enlightenment leads you to believe that you are identical to the items around you, that you are “everything,” and that “everything” is inside you.

Improved Emotional Stability

Emotional traumas that have been repressed may be the greatest obstacle to spiritual awakening.

You may repair emotional trauma from your past by healing those scars and experiencing a more profound and genuine sense of self.

As you begin to feel more and expose yourself to all the potential emotional connections, these current emotions impact all facets of your life. Instead of adhering to certain stereotypes, we strive to become more genuine.

Slowing Down And Setting Aside Time For Introspection

It is necessary to reflect on the past to grasp the present. Due to the quick speed of modern life, this contemplation is challenging.

There is a desire for success, performance, and maximum output, but it swiftly manifests as neurosis. While experiencing a spiritual awakening, laziness may be a helpful companion.

spiritual awakening stages and symptoms

Slowing down and beginning to reflect more often is another significant sign of spiritual awakening.

Your need to grasp yourself and your behaviors intensify. Buddhism’s basic notion of inner peace is to pause and reflect on oneself.

Values And Priorities 

During spiritual awakening, our behavior transforms as we adapt to more profound spiritual truths.

Maslow refers to these spiritual values as “existing values” or “B-values”; they are essential for all spiritual beings and include wholeness, fulfillment, justice, vitality, beauty, truth, and self-sufficiency.

A Closer Connection to Your Inner Self:

The average person’s ego is almost solely focused on the external environment when awake. Work, money, achievements, family, friends, and social life are crucial for spiritual development.

A profound transition from the external world to the inner realm of thoughts, emotions, dreams, and imagination is another sign of spiritual awakening. Buddhism considers this dimension, the subtle world, more genuine than waking life.

A Deeper Comprehension Of The Opposing Forces:

Many of us hold a dogmatic, fundamentalist, black-and-white worldview.  To avoid the ambiguity and uncertainty that have become a part of our lives, we filter out one side and fully identify with the other.

As parents, we may assume that we love our children unconditionally without understanding the source of our hate and bitterness toward them.

While separating from a pair of opposites looks to relieve stress on our ego, it exacerbates our shadows; with spiritual awareness, we learn to maintain an internal tension of opposition, putting us on the path to mental perfection.

Signs of spiritual awakening:

Spiritual Awakening

You are prepared to be significantly more truthful when you build inner strength. We release our inhibitions, worries, and concerns as we seek our dharma.

A spiritual awakening should not be bound by time. Some individuals only have a few hours, while others require years. There is no competition here.

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