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Spiritual Self Through Trance Channeling

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The soul’s goal on Earth can be accessed more easily through channeling. It’s a potential communication channel with insight into the spiritual realm.

The phrase “spirit” is quite inclusive, covering the afterlife and any type of spiritual aid. Some examples of spirits are God, the source, Jesus, Buddha, spirit guides, departed loved ones, friends, relatives, and even soul mates.

Through the practice of channeling, we can develop a close relationship with the spirit world. We think of them as extended members of our online community and quickly get close to them. Spirit is continual with us and aids us daily. They grasp our purpose better than we do since they know everything there is to know; they are also tremendously wise. They can direct us and open our eyes to possibilities we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Humanity’s major spiritual goal must be to deepen its connection to the spiritual realm. Then, we may broaden the circle of people who help us feel supported by spirit by considering them our nonphysical family and friends, just as we have physical family and friends.

When we tap into the spirit, our rational mind steps back, watching the action happen. We can chime in with our thoughts, questions, and even a full-fledged dialogue with the spirit being channeled. Be patient with yourself; it might take a while to adjust.

In this way, you may open yourself up to the infinite opportunities presented to you by the spirit world. Enjoy yourselves! When you channel, you get better every time!

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is the best way to develop an intuitive link with the spirit world and start employing your intuition. In other words, it’s creative writing at its best. Automatic writing, also known as channeled writing, is the practice of inviting spirits into one’s daily creative life to help them express themselves through the writer’s pen.

You should always begin with a question, a goal, or a purpose that you want to figure out. Let your ideas and inspirations flow freely by jotting them down on paper as they first start to form in your mind. Liberate your mind, and the words will come. Clear your way so you can accept the full blessing of the spirit.

Spiritual Self Through Trance Channeling
Spiritual Self Through Trance Channeling

Stages of Channeling

The stages of channeling are as follows:

  1. The Loud And Clear Message

Centre yourself by taking a deep breath and establishing a rapport with your inner soul. Open your lungs and lengthen to make room for the link to your innermost self. Don’t hold on to anything—whether it’s a concept, an emotion, or a bodily sensation—that isn’t helping you achieve your current goals (relax the body). Continue surrendering and breathing in this manner for the length of the exercise.

  1. Invoke

If you need help, guidance, or healing, you can call on the spirit by inviting your preferred spirit form into your space.

  1. Ask

Write down your goal or question as you express it aloud. Suppose you were able to imagine the answer just floating into your head; what would it be? It’s fine if it seems like your thoughts; go with the flow and jot down whatever comes to mind. Words or phrases will often serve as a jumping-off point from which more detailed solutions to your questions may emerge as you continue to write. You are communicating with the spiritual realm through voice and the written word. It might take as few lines or pages before you get into the swing of things. Then, you may find that you start using words and phrases that are new to you in both speech and writing.


After absorbing your new knowledge, act on the parts that resonate with you. As you gain experience, you’ll find it increasingly intuitive and easy.

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