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Spiritual Medium

The majority of us, when we hear the word “spiritual medium,” immediately think of things like tarot cards, crystal balls, and Ouija boards. Either that or there’s Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium. But contrary to what we may have been led to believe by Hollywood, the media do have more to offer. 

The living and the dead

Kellee White, a registered psychotherapist and spiritual medium, define a medium as “someone who is able to interact with spirits on the other side.” However, contrary to what many believe, mediums cannot communicate with the departed. White states that there is no such thing as death in his explanation. Mediums are intuitive enough to hear and see information coming from the other side, and there is just a transition from the physical being to the spiritual being. “There is only a shift from the physical being to the spiritual being.”

Differences between a medium from a psychic or clairvoyant?

It’s easy to get confused while trying to differentiate between mediums, psychics, and clairvoyants. Many people are under the impression that the terms can be used interchangeably, but this is not the case. White argues that mediums are able to raise their frequency to a level that is high enough to interact with those on the other side. “Psychics have the ability to give information but they cannot deliver messages from the other side,” whereas “claims” receive stronger messages overall, such as clairvoyants being clear seeing, clairaudients being clear hearing, and clairsentients being clear feeling. 

Spiritual Medium
Spiritual Medium

Considering talking to a medium? 

It is reasonable for customers to anticipate “hearing from” deceased friends and/or loved ones, given that mediums are said to be able to interact with persons who have passed away. However, your appointment’s particulars will differ from those of others. ChosenEyes shows that there are distinct ways in which each medium functions. Prepare yourself for direction, perspective, clarity, and sincerity “and have some patience. Do not hold mediums to an unreasonable standard because they are human beings occupying a burdensome space.

ChosenEyes, a psychic, medium, and tarot card reader based in Austin, claims to be able to “Some people make the conscious decision to be possessed in order to serve as a conduit for spirit beings who require a human body in order to interact with the material world. Some mediums, like Chosen Eyes, “interact with spirits as plainly as they do with persons on our physical plane.” Many mediums are also empathetic, which suggests that they can share people’s experiences on both sides of the veil. A good many of us are always moving between other realms, “she explains.

The most effective strategy to find a spiritual medium is to ask for a referral from someone you trust. Public reviews are available on websites such as Google provides its consumers with an efficient and uncomplicated means of cutting through the proverbial noise. (In addition, the search engine offers comprehensive information regarding rankings and, when appropriate, client feedback.) Furthermore, the value of personal referrals cannot be overstated. White recommends that you choose a medium that “understands sadness and loss… and delivers good evidence of the loved one on the other side,” including names, dates, and particular qualities. This is true regardless of how you make your selection. In addition to that, their messaging should make sense.

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