How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides in 2022

Connect With Your Spirit Guides
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Do you need someone to talk to since you’re going through a terrible time yourself and don’t know what to do? Find out how to connect your spirit guide through meditation.

A spirit guide is someone we have close contact with, as opposed to the many individuals who have gone on who may care about and watch over us. It needn’t even be someone you’ve met before. How, however, does one go about making contact with their guardian angel?

A Guide To Connecting To Your Spirit Guides

As a pre-meditation preparation, we advise you to have a pen and a notepad handy so that you may write down your thoughts and feelings when you finish your session. Ten to fifteen minutes of pre-meditation time is recommended.

  • Find some peace and quiet

If you want to get anything done, you need to go somewhere where you won’t be interrupted by your phone, your loved ones, or the outside world. It is essential that you feel secure, relaxed, and at peace here. You need to maintain a tranquil state of mind inside as well as externally.

  • Get your mind off of your internal monologue and ideas

Get your mind used to being in this tranquil setting right away. Not only should you put an end to mental checklists and fears, but you should also pay attention to any insights or new ideas that come to you in that time of reflection. To achieve a condition of non-thought, I suggest staring at the light show hidden by your eyelids. Just see what happens.

Connect With Your Spirit Guides
  • Focus on the air you’re taking in and exhaling

When you find your mind wandering, it might help to focus on your breathing. Maintain a regular rhythm with your breath. Take a few full, deep breaths through your nostrils. Relax by letting a long, slow breath out of your nose. Visualise yourself breathing in vital nutrients that will nourish every cell in your body while breathing out tension and stress.

Imagine rays of golden light flooding in and enveloping you; let their warmth wash over you. Imagine shafts of golden light pouring down from the crown of your head and illuminating your whole being with a revitalising, refreshing radiance. Feel the soothing effects of the heat wash over you. The light and this loving energy are gifts; please accept them.

  • Start out with a positive outlook

Feel free to converse with yourself about all the good things in your life and the things you like in yourself. When you’re feeling this kind of love and gratitude for yourself, you’re in an excellent place to connect with the loving, appreciative energy that surrounds you. That’s the space where your spirit guide resides.

You are now prepared to commune with your spirit guide and visit your sacred garden—a place of healing and solace inside yourself.

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