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Know your channeled healing symbols through light language. Read more about gaining energy from light codes for souls.

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Light Language Codes are a kind of geometric symbol that may come in the form of shapes or colors. They are most often experienced or seen via the clairvoyant ability of a person. They come together to produce a Light Language when strung together in the proper order. These energetic patterns, which are represented by symbols, provide healing energy in addition to thoughts, messages, and feelings.

Light language symbols

Activation and healing might be received via a Light Code, just as they would from Light Language.Light Language Codes are a kind of light language that may be used to your mind, body, and soul in order to purify, heal, and awaken these aspects of yourself. The channeler will often describe the codes as seeming to be golden light. Make it possible for your subconscious to take in light codes, and give your system the chance to integrate without you having to concentrate on or analyze the picture.

How to learn light language

After taking a few deep breaths and bringing your thoughts under control, you may then look at the photo. You should also follow your gut instinct while making decisions.

Light Language Codes

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It’s possible that, at first, you’ll start seeing Light Language Codes, which is a sign that your path toward spiritual awakening has officially begun. The process of awakening is what leads to ascension. Your ability to detect clairvoyant patterns is one of the early signs that you are waking your all-seeing clairvoyance. They are also a possible indication of the gaining of new information. The process of downloading Light Codes or Light Language is quite similar to that of acquiring new software.

The secret language of light oracle

Both include the same steps. It’s possible that certain symbols may repeat in order to get your attention and establish a connection to the downloading process. There is also the possibility of associating a name or message with a code. The term “Light Code Carrier” refers to those who are in possession of Light Codes. There is also the possibility that you may work as a coded communicator. The ancient Japanese technique of energy healing known as Reiki makes use of symbols, which may be thought of as a kind of light code.

On the other hand, there are various extra types of codes, the majority of which you are probably unaware of. There are a few different names for this, including “Diamond Light Codes” and “Codes of Light.” Keeping a journal might be of use to you in discovering and investigating more about your transmissions.

Despite the fact that we are unable to read or write Light Language Codes, we are attracted to them and have a feeling of connection with them. Not only do the cards facilitate the seeker’s relationship to their native tongue, but they also have the potential to help them receive the messages, confirmations, or healings that they need at this time.

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