What Is Light Language

Channeling Spirits

With the use of Light Language a person can communicate in a manner that is not limited by the meanings of words in the way we comprehend them. In contrast to a language based on symbols and sounds we have come to understand and agree upon as a group or civilization, the Light Language does … Read more

Light Language Transmission

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Learn Light Language as a healing method for yourself. Read more about light language transmission for energy healing. If you do one of two things, you may be able to converse to yourself in Light Language or use Light Language Transmission to mend or wake up elements of your life. Light Language is a great … Read more

Light Language Symbols

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Light Language can be written using symbols and sigils as there are interpreters. Read more about light language symbols. The Infinite Universe’s Divine language is spoken in light language. The light language and light language symbols are used to communicate with the higher worlds and everything. Light Language Symbols represent diverse energies, frequencies, and vibrations. … Read more

Light Language Learning

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Learn and understand what the codes of light trying to say . Read more about learning of light language codes for energy healing. Unlike other Earth languages, Light Language Learning cannot be broken down into discrete sentences that can be translated word-for-word. Instead, it contains several layers of information, all interlaced and related in the … Read more

Light Language Code

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Know your channeled healing symbols through light language. Read more about gaining energy from light codes for souls. Light different languages Light Language Codes are a kind of geometric symbol that may come in the form of shapes or colors. They are most often experienced or seen via the clairvoyant ability of a person. They … Read more

Light Codes For Soul

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A Light codes is a medium to heal and self-love and care. Read more about gaining energy from light codes for souls. Discover your holiness and beauty all over again with Light Codes for Soul. Discover your true self as you tune in to a series of high-vibrational energies channeled to help you connect with … Read more

What is Language Of Light

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Language of light is called language of angels and souls and use for energy healing. Read more about what is language of light and its benefits. Language of Light An introduction to the human experience of light and why our sense of light, also often referred to as our sight, is a universal sensory language … Read more

what is light language

Light Language

The Light Language mode of communication circumvents the human limits associated with words’ meaning. In contrast to a language that is made up of signs and noises that we as a society or culture have come to mutually agree upon, Light Language does not have a set alphabet. It is a vibration manifestation that communicates with our … Read more