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Learn and understand what the codes of light trying to say. Read more about learning light language codes for energy healing.

Unlike other Earth languages, Light Language Learning cannot be broken down into discrete sentences that can be translated word-for-word. Instead, it contains several layers of information, all interlaced and related in the same way as notes and phrases in a musical symphony are connected.

To understand how Light Language Learning works, consider how it affects you and your emotions. As a result, you should give yourself plenty of time to play around with it.

Light Language Learning
Light Language Transmission

1.    Gain Experience

The easiest way to begin tuning into Light Language Learning complexity is to give yourself time to construct an experience with it. In many ways, it’s like getting ready for a special night out with your sweetheart.

Do you immediately engage in a slew of sleazy romantic behaviors with the individual with whom you’re having an affair? There’s a good chance that won’t happen.

There must have been a gradual transition, right? By taking a more indirect route, both parties can get to know one another better and remain open to a mutually beneficial interaction.

It’s an excellent way for people to become used to new communication methods they would not have encountered otherwise.

2.    Request a Specific Set of Words

You might start by asking your guides and angels for English terminology to describe the message. It might be an explicit request or an implicit objective depending on the context.

In either situation, the call is heard. Once you’ve taken a few deep breaths, allow yourself to relax and your thoughts to calm down. Calmly and patiently, the words take shape.

There is a tendency for the operation to take a while to get going. While it may seem unusual at first to have only one or two words — words that appear completely random! — new comments will start to form around and inside these first ones.

It might be as simple as a single word or sentence. Be open to receiving guidance from your guides and angels. Don’t be discouraged if you get a few words or if you don’t get any at all.

Nonlinear senses, such as tingling, shivering, or other physical sensations, may convey a message. In addition to words, they might occur on their own.

Each person learns uniquely and interacts with/mentors in a distinctive way. Keep your ears open to any information your guides provide, as previously advised.

When you’ve received all the information you need from the transmission, thank your guides/angels and end the session by expressing gratitude for what they’ve shared with you (or simply when you are ready to quit). This paves the way for future communication from them.

3.    Make a Note of It

Software for recording your voice is available on most computers and smartphones. Use an old-fashioned tape recorder if you don’t have one or don’t have one of these devices.

The best way to remember everything is to write it down on sticky notes as you go or have a friend take notes for you. Keep in mind that a perfect recording isn’t required.

You need to be able to hear your voice. Test the recorder to ensure it captures your voice clearly and loudly enough for others to hear.

Using your guides and angels, you will eventually have more knowledge of the Light Language you channel than any other human can ever hope to acquire. You (or the person you’re conducting) will always benefit from what you bring through.

To acquire more words and details about your channeled messages, light language learning will get less weird as time goes on.

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