What Is Light Language

Channeling Spirits

With the use of Light Language a person can communicate in a manner that is not limited by the meanings of words in the way we comprehend them. In contrast to a language based on symbols and sounds we have come to understand and agree upon as a group or civilization, the Light Language does not have an alphabet. It’s a sound that, on a biological level, communicates with our soul and DNA. When we connect with Light Language, our feelings become more important to us than our mind does. During the process of receiving Light Language, it is preferable to let go of the mind as much as possible. We may get a message that sinks its hooks into our heads so that we may reap the rewards.

Light different languages

The purpose of Light Language is to raise the frequency of our energy to a higher level than it is used to. It makes it easier for our brains to reach the gamma stage of receptivity, which connects the various parts of our brain. Researchers have shown a correlation between gamma waves and enhanced memory recall, sensory perception, attention, processing speed, and creative thinking.

Light Language may assist us emotionally and physically healing, connecting to our inner knowledge, dormant reawakening abilities and truths, and relating to our soul-level purpose.

Light Langugage


There are several ways to communicate using Light Language. It may be spoken, written, danced, or by hand. It is distinguishable in the same way as the manner of delivery is.

How to learn light language

Attune oneself to this Language of Light causes it to become active inside the body.The body’s vibration is adjusted during an attunement to be compatible with the Language of Light.

Light Language Course

To access it, the student’s physical and etheric bodies must first be opened up by the Practitioner via the use of intention and Light Language. You will become proficient in the Language after undergoing the Attunement, which is like tuning a piano to a specific pitch. Your experience may differ from that of another person’s because there are millions of ways to get attuned to the Light Language.

How can you tell if you have Light Language sensitivity?

During a Light Language Activation, the Practitioner must be able to determine whether or not you are attuned and whether or not the light Language is active inside you. You only need to focus on the objective to get you in tune. You’re informed about something as long as someone tells you about it. Depending on how many expressions you’re sensitive to, you may be sensitive to a single kind (such as a particular tone, drumming, or speaking).

Similarly, you may be tuned in to just one Light Language, or you might be tuned in to a whole bunch of them. Your Language may come from another planet, heaven, or another dimension altogether. It is possible that you may feel differently with each version of Light Language or that you will not feel anything when working with this modality, but it will still operate. Even if you do not feel anything while using this modality, it will still function.

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